Display issue

I am facing an issue with my phone's display. The display shuts off and becomes unresponsive i.e. no touch feedback even though the phone is still on. If I get a call, the ring-tone plays and the phone vibrates but there is no output on the screen. After sometime, the screen automatically becomes normal. I have been facing this issue for a month now and it happens once or twice a week. It might be due to the Andorid 9 update because only after that I have been facing this issue. Has anyone else been facing the same issue?


  • I am facing the same issue - Nokia does not want to help with this - they say this is a chargable repair although my phone is 4 months old  :(
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    Claim for a replacement.
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    Hii Guys,

    Try this ...Step 

    1. Try reset device (all data will be lost like photo,video,app,docs. Etc everything ease backups before do this)
    If you done already ...Try this step

    2. Go to settings __> app and notification___>app info___> click top up three dot-->show system__>find android system ---if found
    ___> go to battery....>battery optimization--->one window open___>click all app---> find again android system____>click---click don't optimized battery.


    Restart phone.

    If work please hit agree & like

    3. Not solved try this___>
    Try battery saver is ON.

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    Even I am facing the same issue  first time today after the android 9 update which happened a few days ago. The phone screen has blacked out by itself as in the phone is switched off but I can hear the notifications coming and also the calls but unable to see the screen(I'm unable to switch on/off it too). My this phone is only 6 months old.This is the weirdest problem I have faced in the history of my usage of smart phones.

    Nokia, I suggest you should not make any phones if you cannot fulfill the basic purpose of it: the display.