Keypad lock doesn't work for digits 9 and 1

I am posting here and emailing- if I get an email solution I will update the forum!

Keypad lock doesn't work for digits 9 and 1

ChrisC ChrisC

I am posting here and emailing- if I get an email solution I will update the forum!

My issue is that despite having the keypad locked, the digits 9 and 1 still work which means that accidentally dialing the emergency number (911 here in the states) is likely. This makes the phone unusable- it's embarrassing to call someone on your contacts without intending it but at least no one could die from it. In fact, it's less likely to accidentally call 911 with the keypad unlocked.

Looking at the user manual, it shouldn't be possible to dial 911 without unlocking the keypad first. So something seems to be wrong in my unit. Plus I don't see anyone else commenting about this on the internet so I seem to be unique in having this problem! I hope this can be resolved as otherwise it's not usuable but I have failed to find anything in the settings that seems relevant here.



  • ChrisC ChrisC

    I got a response pretty quickly from the support folk.

    Unfortunately, it can't be fixed and I can't lock the keypad to prevent pocket dials.

    This makes the phone kind of unusable. What a shame.

  • there's a reason why the 9 and 1 keys aren't locked, imagine if you're lying on the ground and you can't see or move your hands very well due to your injuries, atleast this will allow you to call emergency services without too much hassle.

  • volk volk
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    @blueagent1999: On many phones the 9 and 1 keys are normally locked, but when you dial 911 the dialler will pop up and allow you to make an emergency call. This is the standard behaviour even on some cheap Chinese phones I've had. Unfortunately the 3310's OS seems to be limited in this regard.

  • I’m admittedly late on this but I live in the UK and just rang the police non-emergency number today and they have put a note on system to say unless I expressly ask for someone to ignore the call. However for me this isn’t a primary phone.
  • TipOfTheSpoon TipOfTheSpoon

    I have the same problem (and have had the same problem on other, cheaper models of "open" phone), and it's extremely frustrating, and a public security hazard (clogging up emergency call centers with spurious calls etc.). I'm curious to know if there is any legal requirement for phones to have this "feature", and if there is not, then I'd like to know why Nokia have decided to implement it (permenantly!) on their models, considering the obvious history of known problems with pocket-dialing.

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