GPS & Bluetooth failing after Android Pie update

Hi,  Since the update to Pie, my 6.1 has been struggling.

GPS & Bluetooth failing after Android Pie update

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Since the update to Pie, my 6.1 has been struggling. The GPS has stopped working, bluetooth connections to my Garmin Watch, Chromebook (smart unlock) have also stopped working. 

I've tried clearing storage & cache for maps, and storage and cache for the main Google app, turning GPS on/off, restarting, etc... No joy. GPS refuses to work, not just in Maps, but other apps like public transport and fitness apps as well. 

I've tried rebooting, turning BT on/off and removing the pairing with my watch. I now cannot repair the connection to the watch. 

I've also experienced issues connecting with BT in the car, specifically it reconnects to BT mid-call when I've changed from BT to handset.

The phone handling is also more laggy, with several instances where the phone completely froze on me requiring a hard (power + volume up) reset. 

I hope these issues get fixed soon, especially the GPS one. I've not found similar GPS issues reported around Android Pie (reduced accuracy yes, but not working entirely I haven't seen), the BT issues seem more common. 

Anyone else seeing this, or have a fix to suggest? 


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    Agree regards the Bluetooth. With 8.1 also reconnecting issues, but bearable. Different cars, same problem. Other brand phone, no problem.
    Now with Android 9, problem increased. Nokia said it's the older version of the cars BT. Well, that's nonsense. It's a new Ford 2018. 
  • I have also been experiencing Bluetooth issues with my Nokia 6.1.

    I can't get my fitbit Charge 2 to sync anymore, and the last time I used Waze/Spotify in the car, the audio was fine for a while, but then started stuttering to the point of becoming unusable. All was perfectly fine before the update to Pie.
  • Since android update my Nokia N7 plus Bluetooth doesn't work. Backed up by the fact that my garmin watch has failed to sync since that update. What is the point of buying all this expensive tech when things like this happen? When is this going to be fixed? 
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    Got almost identical problem.  Updated Nokia 7 plus now can't get Bluetooth to sync or connect with Fitbit, Buddy, Garmin etc. Tried other forums but no help. Seems to be a very common issue but I don't want to go down the road of resetting to factory settings and possibly losing everything although that's what some people advise.
    Wish there was a restore function that would go back before this rotten v9 update
  • Hi guys, are there any improvements in pairing adn bluetooth connections with garmin watches? I have nokia 7plus
  • Hello, I've similar problem with my Nokia 8. Gps is dead, bluetooth is dead. I don't know if also others devices (nfc,..) not work properly.
    Has anyone found a solution?

  • I just want to add that recently I got it fixed on my Nokia 6.1 by clearing all network settings. Not ideal, but it worked for me, since I don't have that many wifi networks to add and bluetooth devices to pair.
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    Take the phone to a Nokia Care center and flash the firmware with their support. It worked for me.
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