Sad but true

Even if the new Nokia Android phones are technically perfect, unfortunately lot's of old loyal Nokia customers don't trust the brand. Because of countless times of letdowns in the past which ended with Elop/Lumia fiasko. My best wishes to Nokia to gain loyalty of customers again, don't mess it up, like you always did.


  • madbilly
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    @spacesnow I agree, I hope that disappointed Nokia customers from the past try the new HMD phones.
  • HMD phones are the Best yet, compared to lumia phone. But... The notch is a big problem. We don't want notch in the Nokia 9. #pleasenonotch
  • Wade Wilson
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    The disappointment of current Nokia fans is not about the Elop-Microsoft fiasco. It's more likely about HMD's promises, and let down. Up until now, we don't see Nokia phones that are capable to compete with the Galaxy S9/Note 9, iPhone XS Max, and arguably the lamest, Huawei smartphones. 

    The use of mediocre processors for entry to mid-range devices is also one of the factors. Consumers can easily find better alternatives with better processors under such price range. The Nokia 1, Nokia 2, Nokia 2.1, Nokia 3, Nokia 3.1, Nokia 3.1 Plus, Nokia 5.1 are some of these devices. MediaTek chips are infamous in the Android community, and HMD using it on Nokia phones sounds like a joke. However, not necessarily all because Nokia 5.1 Plus is one of the best devices in its class. The Qualcomm chips on the Nokia 1 and nearest family also doesn't give justice to its price.  

    Thanks for reading!  :)