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Hi everybody! I have a question for all of you: Did you use your phones with case before the half screen problem appear?

Nokia 8 - Half of display died


  • phm83 phm83
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    Hi everybody! I have a question for all of you:
    Did you use your phones with case before the half screen problem appear?
  • Yes I have an original Nokia cover CC-801 for my TA-1012
  • LToMe LToMe
    Yes, I've always had my phone in a case.
  • Yes, I used it with a case: mumbi case for Nokia 8 transparent black  (

    Please, don't blame the case! Haha I would say most people use one, in order to protect the quite expensive phone from falls and others...


  • phm83 phm83
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    To all of you: did you use your phones with case before the problem appear? Maby the phone overheating...

  • I bought my phone from Dubai last week(06/07/2018). Today(17/07/18) I'm facing the same display problem in my Nokia 8, is this any after effect of updates?? Or generally does this phone have this issue?? Will I get replacement of the phone?
  • Duncanj Duncanj
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    Same problem here. TA-1012 like most here. Left hand side grey static that doesn't show up in screen shot. And the digitiser works so if you can guess where an icon or keyboard key is you can still get some sense out of the phone.

    Some suggestion on another forum that it may be heat related.

    Unfortunately, as many have found, phone will last about 2 months or, in other words, until outside the usual 30 days no questions asked returns policy.

    And in my case, Argos will not touch it until they have a manufacturer's defect report and Nokia say they need a defect report from the supplier.
  • user1531126915588 user1531126915588
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    My phone is back. Lets see how long it will last this time.

    1st screen issue: april 2018

    2nd screen issue: june 2018

    3rd screen issue: TBC

  • Duncanj:

    I suggest you to report the problem to Nokia Support. They need to look into it. Ive had my phone repaired twice already.

    Or sell it off to someone while you still can.

    Good phone (mediocre camera though) if it wasn't for this glaring fault.

  • user1532766920561 user1532766920561
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    I am having the same problem, i have purchased the NOKIA 8 in March 2018 after 4 months half of left screen become gray & dotted. After so many years i again believe in Nokia and purchase nokia 8 but completely disappointed with this. People in Nokia don't even look into the problem they are saying the product is out of warranty due to liquid spot they found inside. I have shown them that this half screen died problem is being faced by many people so please report to company about the problem but they don't care about the customer voice. I seriously recommend people please don't go for NOKIA 8.

    I am also having a useless Nokia 8 just 4 months old due to half screen died because of Nokia design a faulty product. They don't even want to listen customer voice, as well as they don't want to improve the product.

  • Natalia Natalia
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    I have this problem for the third time. Two times the warranty service changed my LCD displey. Now he wants to change the motherboard.
    Since May 14, I haven’t the phone, it is always under repair. The problems that you accurately describe in my case, it was the left working side and the right dead side. The phone has insurance, has already been spent on repairs of 263 euros and 4 months, but the warranty workshop of NOKIA in Estonia continues to waste time and effort on repairs.

  • user1535127394334 user1535127394334
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    Me too, HDM global mứt advice for this error. Why they still keep silent about their fail
  • Me too, HDM global mứt advice for this error. Why they still keep silent about their fail
  • Alinct82 Alinct82
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    I have this problem too.
    Bought the device 10.08.2018 and on 26.08.2018 the screen issue appeared.
  • yulkin yulkin

    same issue, I only bought my phone last October so it hasn't even been a year. This seems to be far too common an issue - Nokia should do a recall. This is unacceptable quality for a company with reputation for exceptional hardware quality.

  • user1520306154941 user1520306154941
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    For the first time in my life I consider myself unfortunate to have had multiple issues with my smartphone(Nokia 8) purchase and I deeply regret it. I bought the phone on 10th March 2018, and in the month of june i had a dead display. Submitted the phone for replacement of the display. Soon the rear camera started having problems , wavy display and focusing motor making a humming noise. did not bother to go to service again. tried upgrading camera firmware , no luck. but guess what the display dies again, but only the right part of it this time. now they have replaced the motherboard and I am yet to get it in my hands. Wish me luck.

  • user1530698501605 user1530698501605
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     phone has just been sent away again for the same half screen issue

  • Alinct82 Alinct82
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    I'm having a theory with this issue.
    As my phone just arrived from service and they said that they changed the mainboard I'm thinking that the issue comes from GLANCE feature, because the phone keeps changing resolution from very low when GLANCE is shown and big when the phone is on.
  •  after 2 half screen issues i have a replacement being sent

  • After 7 months of use it did not want to start up anymore. I got it back from repair and now after 3 weeks the left part of my screen has static on it. Inbetween  my Nokia 8810i  and Nokia 735(which luckily still works after 4 years) I have never had any quality issues with Nokia.until the Nokia 8. I will send it in  for repair one more time. I am not amused and I hope this is fixed properly this time. I am a Nokia fan and i even lived in Espoo for about two years. This is your  flagship phone and your biggest  usp was quality in the past. I am not so sure anymore about this now.anymore. either do I have time to waste on crappy phones..

  • Hi, I have the same issue for the second time. I was fan od Nokia but never more! Last time I waited for the repairement one month! I had it as company phone with all installed apps. I have to use my several years old phone which still works. Oh, Nokia your reputation is over.
  • I am the biggest fan of NOKIA. I too got the same problem. right side working left side dead. given my mobile to the service center on 24th-sept-2018  they asked one month time. warranty will be finished in 15 days. Don't know what to do after completing warranty if the same problem repeats.. very pathetic Nokia. 

    for flagship mobile this problems.....

  • Got my nokia 8 mobile 3 weeks back. I have the following issues with my mobile.

    1. When I unlock the screen, the display starts blinking (on and off). I have to restart it (multiple times) to resolve the issue temporarily. When we restart, the blinking starts right from the booting screen (NOKIA logo). Sometimes, when we restart,nothing will be displayed except the blank and grey screen blinking.

    2. Sometimes left part of the screen die! Soon the blinking follows.

    I have turned off glance and adpative brightness, did factory reset, did hard reset from recovery, enabled hw overlay option from developer options, still no luck. Issues exist in safe mode as well.


  • Even i am facing the same problem. I have sent it for repair now and is under  warranty. But what happens after warranty period is over and get the same issue?

  • Duncanj Duncanj
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    Well, the good news is that the repair will almost certainly result in a new IMEI number and hence an extended warranty period.

    The bad news, it will probably go wrong again in another 6 weeks because they don't seem to have a conclusive fix.

    Cross your fingers and hope for a replacement.
  • what happens if my phone have the same fault again?

    Nokia mobile care
    if you have a hardware issue with your phone, you have all the rights to send your phone for repair as many times as needed"


  • My too from yesterday
  • I also have a similar issue with the display cable connector loosing its integrity. Screen turns black, starts blinking (on/off), or only one half of it functioning. Screen itself does not have any exterior damage. Looks like Nokia made an design error with this cable/connector.


    Hi, I've got the exact same issue with mine too, I'll be sending my phone back for repair. This has been a big disappointment from when I got it... I had so high hopes... After almost 2 decades of me buying, and promoting Nokia's, and convincing loads of people I know and via blog posts to buy Nokia's, this is the final straw which broke the camels back. I will be selling this once I get it back and finding another brand.


  • anderss anderss
    I have had the same problem now twice and had it repaired under warranty again before it's back again!

    Before this I already had i repaired one because the SIM tray couldn't be this is the 3rd time it's in for repair. I used to have Google Nexus phones and have never had any issues with them so I'm very surprised and annoyed as I have to go through the hassle of servicing it and being without a phone for another 2 weeks.

    Its a TA-1004 bought in Denmark and I love the speed of the phone and the quality of the pictures, but the build quality makes me very concerned about buying Nokia phones in the future....I certainly can't recommend it anymore.

    Does anyone know why it's happening? I seem to be able to get the screen working again if I squeeze on the screen in the lower left quadrant (but only for a little while), so it's probably a connector or hardware problem

    Any thoughts?
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