Make NFC available as a tile when pulling down status bar


I don't know who agrees with me but I would really like NFC to be switchable on or off easily without going through a lot of menu options. I have tried some widgets from Google Play but all of them just opened the settings. Anyone else here who would like this to be added as an OS feauter? (Honestly I think it would take about 5 minutes to code.)


  • I don't use NFC that much, but agreed. It's strange that it's not available as a tile on the status bar...
  • Same issue Nokia 5 and probably in all HMD Global Nokia's
    I use NFC Shortcut Widget but this is only partial problem solution 
  • The NFC tile for quicker 'On' and 'Off' is available in all other smartphones, it seems to be a big backstep for Nokia to have it readily available to quick enable and disable as a tile for quicker safety switch feature. It is necessary to have it as quick tile.

    Same lack also comes with no screen recorder.

    Addition to that, unable to disable screenshot sound, that's just plain annoying.

    My expectations were high for Nokia, but seems to be big backstep compared other smartphone's.