An Humble request to the people's friendly company HMD Global :)

Dear HMD,
     Its been great year for your company and latest nokia portfolio of premium devices is so good and the merge to the android one programme is good for latest android updates in near future for nokia devices. Since a childhood fan for nokia phones i always wonder to have a qwerty device from nokia and i missed my chance at April 2013. Iam posting an humble request to HMD Global Company to reintroduce the Legendary Nokia Asha 210 phone and iam  been eyeing it from the day since you people reintroduced the Nokia 3310 and Nokia 8110 and being an ardent fan to your products and my dad  had an recent indulgence in Nokia 3.1 plus and i owning a Nokia 105 (2017) we will always be a part in the Nokia family. I'll be waiting for the news of reintroducing of Nokia 210 phone and post this humble request to fellow people of this vast friendly community and the HMD Global Authorities for making this dream come true. " BE SIMPLE" :)