Downgrade (Rollback)

Hello, There are many threads here and there, about bugs of Android Pie on Nokia devices and people are asking for downgrade.

Downgrade (Rollback)

naufrago naufrago
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There are many threads here and there, about bugs of Android Pie on Nokia devices and people are asking for downgrade.

I own a TA-1012 Nokia 8 and Pie update will be available soon. Many people will receive the update then probably lots of complaints will arise.

I think Nokia should establish a system for downgrading to Oreo like they did during beta tests. Do you think it's possible?

Please vote or comment if you agree.


  • Yas there are too many bugs in android pie particularly for Nokia phones
  • lukemanc lukemanc
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    Very disappointed. On top what has been mentioned, I have issues with notifications (receiving push notifications with a delay ranging from few minutes to one day!) - apps like FotMob, Amazon Flex, Beelivery are now useless as they are based on push notifications. Also Bluetooth pairing with my smart watches stopped working, not sure if that's beta release issue. Very, very disappointed.
  • LA Walter LA Walter
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    I have a TA-1052, and the latest OTA update that hit my phone (on Jan 20, 2019) caused my phone to constantly loose network connection. Only way to get network connection again is to reboot phone.  My phone won't stay connected to internet more than about 10 minutes now.  Totally ruined my phone.

    Is there a procedure to roll back to before the OTA that actually works?  I've seen several online from a google search, but none of them give me any confidence they will really work.

  • Pie update is not good brand new phone now charging it 3 times a day thanks Nokia for making downgrade impossible
  • KuKo KuKo
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    Also the downgrading of Android will bring then problems, because you don't get then any more monthly security updates (because those continue with the latest Android version only). 
  • I want to downgrade my nokia 3 (ta-1032) hw ver- 5.0 to nougat. please help
  • hello i need help i have a nokia 3 TA-1028 update to android oreo but the performance is very bad some apps are crashing, even the music player is stuck at times, some way to go back to andoid nougat? please help me
  • I want to downgrade my nokia 3 phone from android 9 to android 8

  • nikolanii nikolanii

    Still the same problems, slowdowns, battery drains quicker..and sometimes there's a weird bug with setting up the sd card as internal, stops opening apps, and worked on nougat nicely.

    Nokia please give us an option to rollback to the desired system!

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