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How do I set my Glance Screen to show notifications from Outlook on Nokia 8 with Oreo?

Glance Screen

Woody Woody
 /  edited January 2018
How do I set my Glance Screen to show notifications from Outlook on Nokia 8 with Oreo?


  • mogdar mogdar
     /  edited December 2017

    Glance works at the moment just with the stock apps from Android, so with Gmail App.
    You can configure your email account in the app and it works or you need to install a third party notification app but they don't work with glance, they just enable screen notifications.

  • ben van 't ende ben van 't ende
     /  edited January 2018

    Default in Android should be that notifications are shown on the lock screen in black. In settings you can enable 'content from all notification'. That does not work, presumably because of Glance. Expected behaviour is when turning of Glance the default notifications should kick in.

    Glance is a feature that does not belong on the Nokia 8 in my humble opinion. It pretty much ruins the user experience, which is a shame especially it is the first thing you as a user see.

    It would be really cool if the default Android behaviour is restored with a next update (Android 8.1). 

    p/s I believe reading somewhere in the forums that it used to work before the Oreo update. (Can anyone confirm that?)

    gRTz ben

  • Kostas Kostas
     /  edited February 2018

    Hi All, I totally agree with abdulla77
    and Ben, Glance is useless if it can’t handle 3rd party, and even if it does
    again it is too tiny and dim on the Nokia 8. Nokia you should do something
    about this, clean stock Android behavior would be optimal. The handling of
    notifications as is is very annoying to say the least. Third party notification
    apps like Glimpse don’t solve the problem as they don’t work

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