How to Add MP3 Ringtone to Nokia 3.1

I want to add an MP3 file as a Ringtone on my Nokia 3.1. The manual says simply 'add the file to the Ringtones folder in internal memory', but how do I access internal memory? I have the MP3 file on my SD card in both Ringtones and Media folders, but when I try to add it to the Ringtones list I just get a message saying 'No Music Files'.
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    I added some ringtones to my SD storage yesterday. They were saved in the Ringtone Folder and then appear automatically in the ringtone list. When you click add ringtone, it only shows files that are in the music folder on my SD card. My SD is set to internal storage, not portable on my 3.1. Hope this helps?
  • Hello Badger810: Can you tell me how I can transfer files from my PC to internal storage on the SD card? My PC is Windows 7. The computer cannot see the internal storage and if I try to use the ADB push command it fails because it says the internal memory is read only. Is there some utility you used to add ringtones to your SD card?
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    Hi, for me when I plug the USB cable from PC to phone, I just need to ensure the phone is set to transfer files and not USB charging on the phone screen notification and then the Nokia 3.1 appears in my PC and I can see all the files on the SD card only. My SD is set as internal and PC is Win10. Hope this helps?
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  • Copy the mp3 file that you have downloaded to the folder named " ringtones" in the device's internal storage. Once you do it, it should appear on the list of ringtones.

  • What file format are the sound files in? They need to be mp3 or ogg (or possibly wav -- I've seen others say that wav doesn't show up, though)

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    To add MP3 ringtones to your Nokia 3.1, follow these steps:

    - Step 1: Go to Settings> select sound

    - Step 2: Choose ringtone for each SIM

    - Step 3: Finally, choose your favorite ringtone.

    If you still do not know where to download free ringtones, please refer to