48H in Dubai - We've got winners



  • HMD_Laura said:
    Although many of us in the loser category may not agree with some of the results, and feel that our post was well-authored and worthy of being selected, we must just bite down on the disappointment and congratulate the winners, and the runners-up.
    Enjoy your prizes.

    Hi @johan kalevi

    I'm sorry you're not under our winners. We had over 5,000 entries in this competition and there were a lot of good ones and a lot of them would have deserved to win. In the end we could just take as many winners as we did. But there will be other competitions and you can try your luck then :) 

    To all the winners (I know I'm late) congrats to all of you. Have fun in Dubai and with your runner up prices :) 

    Best regards, 
    Hi Laura,

    How do we get our runner-up prizes? Will I receive a private message on here?

    Yes, we will contact you shortly... ;)
  • HMD team, I live in Dubai, can I  enter your event?
  • todesurteil
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    @edo I must admit I'm like a child before his birthday can't wait to hear what the prize is and what we will receive  B):D
  • madbilly
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    "...authors of the best posts".. is by far too subjective.
    And having read all the selected best posts, one is left confused by which criteria the judges selected the winners.
    Anyway, life goes on...
    It's healthy to voice our disappointment than to keep it to ourselves.
    In fact, it's a great relief that the social experiment is over.
    @johan kalevi I agree that the judging is clearly subjective. I was very surprised to win, but it was a nice surprise nonetheless and consider myself lucky.
    Cheers :)
  • andrew lero I think will contact us after the launch ceremony
  • andrew leroy I think will contact the winner after the launch ceremony.
  • wyk
    wyk ✭✭✭✭
    May be they will send a Blue HMD Xmas 🎂 cake... Via courier 💝👅😂😂
  • @wyk what will be runner up gift? :)
  • @nitin kachare you will get fan pack :)
  • juho said:
    Hi everyone,

    Juho here! Super excited to announce the winners of the 48 hours in Dubai competition. 

    Can't wait to see you all at the event


    And congrats to our runner-ups for winning our amazing fan packs!

    @Nitin Kachare

    For everyone that didn't win, thanks for participating, and we've got you covered. Join us for the livestream on the 5th of December for the chance to win some fantastic prizes!
    Until next time, 

    Today's gonna be a big day for Nokia fans hope it would be exciting and happening and new year would be big and amazing 
  • wyk
    wyk ✭✭✭✭
    @nitin kachare as per the contest guidelines its fan pack. But no idea ...physically or virtually 😆... & what will it contain!!

    To me a news of the resurrection of the great lumia camera back in our android is the best gift for me. 🥰
  • This event was a new and beautiful chapter in my life. Thank you @juho, @edo and all the Team HMD for everything.
  • nitinkachare
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    Facebook live trivia quiz contest winners list from Nokia.Check it On Facebook.
    Congratulations to all winners! Please send us a private message here on Facebook with your full home address and email address within the next 48 hours to claim your prize. Winners are listed below! 

    Jan Mike Dolfo,
    Kelvin Yu Ka Wan,
    Bujair VT,
    Alexis Schneider,
    Liju R Babu,
    Mohamad Hawa,
    Harvey Ubay Ildefonso,
    Abdul Muhammad,
    Jhessica BeLen,
    Mohammed Azlah,
    Majid Amiri,
    Eugene Poulose,
    Kenneth Angielo Botor Llorin,
    Kaushik Chester Maity,
    Muhammad Asjad Khan,
    Wojciech Kwapisz,
    Andrei Budalacean,
    Abdullah Abdul Aziz,
    Raeda Shraim,
    Frankhie Dela Cruz,
    Neyazul Haque,
    Jeriel Manuel Benavides,
    Paul Thanikal,
    Patricia Vallejo Delgado,
    Mohammad Saqib,
    Nuzha Nazeem,
    Iced Cruz,
    Rm Clemente Ramilo,
    Avsar Thakrar,
    Mohamed Ansal.

    Congratulations Winners.
  • Any news on the runner-up prize? As no one has contacted me. Sent @dipankar paul a pm earlier today, but no reply. 
  • madbilly
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    Depending on what's in the bag you may have to wait until it's available? But I'm speculating.

    I remember there being many community winners from other media at the event but I don't remember that many!
  • In Facebook live trivia quiz got Nokia 8.1, Google Play gift card and Nokia Active Wireless Earphones as prizes. I want to participate too but I already won here.
  • madbilly
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    madbilly said:
    I remember there being many community winners from other media at the event but I don't remember that many!
    Ah, I misunderstood @nitin kachare 's post about the Facebook winners - I thought these were people who won a trip to the event in Dubai, but now I understand that these are people who won prizes during the livestream during the event.

  • Here is the Live Trivia Quiz.Its on facebook livestram. @madbilly I think you understood already.
  • @makziweng  what do you think what will be inside fan pack? We are runner up.
  • Maybe a box full of oreo's @nitin kachare:D
  • wyk
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    Maybe a box full of oreo's @nitin kachare:D
    Time to Pie or Q really hard to find food name with Q. Google have to struggle. 😆 
  • neng
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    Firstly congrats to all winners and those who are runner-ups as well. I believe these kinds of competitions will bring Nokia and their fans closer because they create excitement and excitement leads to opportunities.
  • makziweng
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    @nitin kachare I'm fantasy about I'm the first batch Nokia 8.1 owner around the world, but many countries already start selling. I think the amazing fan pack inside gotNokia 8.1 one unit and maybe t-shirt printed with Nokia logo on it and also a congratulation letter😄 . If really 'amazing' the grand prize got trip to launch ceremony at Dubai the runner-up consider as the first prize will get the next unveil flagship smartphone... Just kidding but I'm hoping.🤣
  • nitinkachare
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    @makziweng  I hope we will get that you mentioned.
    I think you forgot to mention there is also pie inside the box as well.
  • makziweng
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    @nitin kachare If inside got a Pie I think the Pie spoil already before reached my house because of international shipping. But if the fan pack ship by distributor of my country, I think it still can eat. Hope it not real pie but in kind of souvenir or Android 9 inside Nokia 8.1.    :lol:
  • @makziweng Off Course.I hope We get something souvenir  which will remember forever. B)
  • @nitin kachare I prefer this. o:)
  • madbilly
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    I'm sure they will. FYI, I don't think I'll get the phone I won until after it's released in Europe, so late January.
  • I just received the message. Try check your inbox. @andrew leroy
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