Media error

Whenever I receive files like music and videos through sharing,it won't save also writing error for those files. This happens immediately I just changed my screen. And now my internal memory is showing 50+gig instead of 64. Please what can I do, I'm thinking of putting the phone on factory reset or something. HELP!!!


  • marsic
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    Disclaimer: I'm no expert, just sharing my 2 cents on the matter.

    Did you unlock the bootloader, maybe flashed a custom ROM? If yes, it could be that the internal storage was formatted using another file system, where the reported file size may differ.

    If not, i don't know, perhaps you have a defective portion on the storage chip (not sure if possible, just a wild guess).

    After backing up what you can I would also suggest resetting to factory state. But did you try to reboot it first? There's a small chance that some system cache file may have been corrupted, try rebooting and see if it helps
  • naufrago
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    Just for storage capacity, where do you see 50gigs? Android system takes some 12+ gigs.
    Here is my disk info showing 50gig available alongwith settings menu showing 64gig.

    PS. added one more screenshot showing 12gigs system allocation.

  • MrBelter
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    Also manufacturers use a decimal GB to show the specs off while the hardware will continue to use a binary GB so the actual capacity is lower than advertised.

    On a 64GB device you'll lose around 1.5GB just because it was never even there to start with.
  • naufrago
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    More technically, Android uses ext4 file system. 
    Some %5 of storage space is reserved to avoid file fragmentation.
    Some is used for journaling, etc. by file system.

    To sum up, your phone does not give you full capacity of storage. At the end, you have only 38gigs free space for a Nokia 8 64gig device.