Nokia 8 sirocco stops and restarts unexpectedly

Hello, I'm so proud with my new Nokia 8 sirocco, I have been using it for 2 weeks.

Nokia 8 sirocco stops and restarts unexpectedly

I'm so proud with my new Nokia 8 sirocco, I have been using it for 2 weeks. I can say I missed the elegant Nokia style, the old Nokia logo start melody, now in a fresh cover's just perfect for me, I mean it looks great, works very fast with Android One, good battery life, etc. (and I will not insist on minor details like SIM card window not locking, or the on/off button too close to volume button, both being a little difficult to operate, etc, since I said I love this phone and I'm ready to assume all these little imperfections and more..).
One thing on the other way, really bothers me: it's the fact that the phone sometimes suddenly shuts off and restarts, no warning signal or message, only Android One on the screen flashes out and then reappears with Nokia logo, and this can happen 3-4 times a day, regardless if operated or in standby...I noticed this happens usually when I find myself in places where both wifi and 3G/4G signals are low or weak. 
I just want to ask you guys, is there any explanation for that, is it normal or should I go for a check-out? 
If this might be a software problem, should I wait for the Android 9 version to upgrade, maybe it will resolve the problem?  

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    Strange haven't had this issue with my sirocco. Maybe contact support if you haven't done so already @mistic_writer .
  • thank you, I will do so!
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    I had this also twice. Was always when charging.
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    U can check whether the problem persists in safe mode... If no then may be an app be culprit for that. I assume no app outside of play store is installed in your device. 
  • No extra app except one harmless AirMatters App, you know, they give me the Air Quality Index every day (Bucharest has a real dangerous air pollution). And yes, it happens in safe mode too... Thank you guys for answering, because Nokia Support does not!  
  • well done, boogie, you seem to have reached to a comprehensive description of the entire  phenomenon we discuss, that's exactly how things are going with the stops and restarts of our Nokia 8 Sirocco's Android 8, and you are right again: this should not happen!
    I have to mention that I still have no answer from Nokia Support to this issue...maybe shoud I try again and again?   (not very pleased with this!)
  • boogie boogie
    For some reason, after few minor edits my comment went to approval and not displayed here anymore (maybe it was considered as spam). Well, hopefully it gets back here...
  • strange, indeed...are we allowed only to praise the perfection of Nokia?
    After all, we can could help them to improve their products.
    I gave them 10 from 10 at the feedback questionaire, assuming they can fix the problem.
    Basically, what you said, bringing all together, was that some Nokia 8 Sirocco stop and then restart with no reason while charging or at low wifi signal.
    And this is true, and we really deserve some explanation...
  • boogie boogie
    I knew giving Nokia/HMD Global a chance means that I would probably face issues since they are fairly new to this. And I accepted that the moment I bought the device. I really want Nokia mobile phones to make it big again, I really like how the device looks and feels, it runs Android (and there is also a lot of nostalgia involved) . What I find unacceptable is the lack of reaction from their support. It feels like there is no support whatsoever. I just need to know if the low (WiFi?) signal + charging is a SW issue that will be fixed soon or is it a HW issue. If it is HW issue, I need confirmation of that, so I can return the device and get my money back or a new device that is not faulty. The device I bought is broken. Brand new device, under warranty has a critical flaw that makes it unusable. C'mon, you can do better than this towards the not so many clients (for now) that are actually giving you a chance to get back into this market. Don't make them regret not sticking to Samsung/Apple devices only after few days of interaction with the Nokia brand...

  • Hi there,
    I hope I bring good news: they answered me (to my second Email) from Support section!
    I just wrote them and explained everything I already told on this Forum. They answered me, asking a few things about the phone, about how I use it and the circumstances under which the problem occurs.
    They sent me this morning an entire procedure to follow step by step (deleting date and cache memory from a few apps like Google Play, Battery, Settings and Phone, then re-soft Android simply by pushing both power button and + volume button for 10 seconds). I don't know if this procedure really fixed my problem, provided that it occurs mainly by low wifi signal and I could not test it yet. I will give a full feedback the next week, anyway.
    But I consider this answer as a real helping hand and I just want to let you know about it...maybe you should try to write an Email or chat with technical support section about your issue?     
  • boogie boogie
    Thank you for the update. I have already contacted support. Maybe they have lots of requests to answer. There was also the celebration of Independence Day on 6th. I did a factory reset, and power button and + volume button restart when the device went unresponsive. That didn't help.Well, I'll wait for their answer. 
  • I finally admit I have to give this phone back to the seller: the problem persist in the same way as before... And I'm really sorry because I like this phone! 
  • boogie boogie
    More and more I think this is a joke, a really bad one. This forum is useless as there is no official feedback from any HMD representative. Also support requests via email, at least for me, have resulted in 0 responses. Really sad to see Nokia name used like this... this is not what this brand should stand for. But hey, it is not me who tries to get back in this market. And definitely, from now on, not me (anymore) who's gonna buy any Nokia branded product for very long time. Let others do that and if any good reviews, I'll maybe (most likely not, but one never knows) give it another try in few years. I got much much better experience from Chinese company like ZTE and their Axon 2017 phone (wonderful product), which I got for half of the price of this Nokia "flagship" (lol) and works flawlessly even now... Not even going to mention Samsung or Apple flagships. If I would be Nokia, I would really start to be worried about what this new mobile experience does to my brand perception. At this point, I'm so fed up with the new Nokia experience that I don't even think I'm gonna bother trying to return the device to the retailer. Probably too much hassle explaining the issue and getting them to accept the fact that the product is broken. Thanks Nokia, thanks a lot!
  • boogie boogie
    Aaand found new way to crash this thing - just connect provided headphones! Maybe I'll keep updating this thread with all the fun ways a Nokia 'flagship' crashes. So far:
    1. charging + low WiFi signal + using Wapp.
    2. connecting headset. 
  • boogie boogie
    Ok, I've also had it with this so called flagship smartphone. The moment I get close to it, it makes me mad. Really beautiful device but, I am sad to say, dumb as a brick.I am going to return it and ask for my money back. I'll see how that goes - probably more fun :smile: . When it doesn't crash the phone, the headset doesn't work more than few minutes after being connected. Actually now it doesn't work at all, probably need to restart the phone again... And still no answer from support. Such unexpected and disappointing experience.
  • Sorry to hear about the troubles with your N8 Sirocco.

    Aside from somebody else's cracked screen I haven't read of issues with the phone. On the contrary I read plenty of positive reviews.

    Could it possibly be a one-off issue (you know faults happen) that might be solved by a replacement unit?

    Have you contacted the actual vendor? I believe warranty is between you and the vendor for the first period after sale, not with the manufacturer.
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