GPS does not work. any clues?

Nokia 5, Android 7.1.2 -> Android 8.0 Ok, I almost give up.  I bought the phone 40 days ago. 

GPS does not work. any clues?

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Nokia 5, Android 7.1.2 -> Android 8.0

Ok, I almost give up. 

I bought the phone 40 days ago. 

And 10 days after the purchase, the phone, from time to time, would not get a GPS location and it would take up to 20 minutes to locate itself.

Now it won't connect to any oа GPS/Glonass satellites visible.

Location services -- don't optimize won't help. Hard reset won't help.

I hate to bring it back for warranty, as it means, I would loose the phone for about a month, so it anyways a "buy a new phone" for me. 

Any ideas? Any super-duper-hard reset to make it capable getting GPS working?


  • Reverting back to 7.1.2 didn't help either.

  • Looks like GPS radio module, or GPS antenna has failed. No signal at all.


  • Is it a support forum, or what?

    Hey, Nokia, care to answer?

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    Read :

    This seems more like a hardware issue, its better you have a chat with Nokia Support on 'Support' application as phone is under warranty.

  • Okey, I had a chat with a Nokia support in Support app. Support guy, after hearing that i've done hard reset and i've done firmware updagrade and downgrade and still have not GPS signal, suggested, guess what? Clearing Google Maps Cache and switching to Here Maps.

    Well done, Nokia support, keep me surprised ))

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    rashidm, Did you get a solution to this? My Nokia 5 has the exact same
    problem. I have tried everything available on the net but nothing seems
    to work. Did you get any response from Nokia support. I have done all
    the suggestions surrounding installing apps, clearing caches, factory
    resetting the phone, Wiping cache, switching sim cards, using wifi
    only..but nothing works yet my phone used to work well a couple of weeks


  • franksaurus, no solution so far. Nokia support suggested the same -- clear cache, install other apps, etc...

    seems to be hardware problem. will bring to service under warranty.

  • My Nokia 5 does not use GPS with Endomondo and Sports tracker apps. Nokia support says: ots noteeritud Nokia error. Endomondo and Sportstr. say the same. What to do?
  • У меня тоже gps работает ужасно все время пишет слабый сигнал уже вернулся к заводским настройкам не помогло что делать не знаю
  • This is a "community" forum. Not a Nokia tech wizard forum. That means that people who have Nokia phones help each other if they have found fixes to problems. So thats why nokia never answers here... The community forum...
  • Makaox Makaox

     Have exactly the same issue with Nokia 7 plus. Is this a hardware problem?

  • I have had two NOKIA 5....both GPS didn't work first time - internal board swapped on one but still no luck - I think it is a Nokia 5 issue. it must be taken off the shelves!
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