Fingerprint unlock has hidden fingers

My phone froze up and was unable to get it to respond to any input and I  had to hard reset it.  After this it would not allow finger print authentication at a…

Fingerprint unlock has hidden fingers

TheYackster TheYackster
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My phone froze up and was unable to get it to respond to any input and I  had to hard reset it.  After this it would not allow finger print authentication at all wouldn't even vibrate like there was an error.  I went in and noticed that no fingers were registered, I used to have my right and left index fingers registered.  I tried to add them back but it said "Please try to set the different finger".  So I went ahead and registered another finger (right middle)  once this finger was registered, and is the only one on the screen I was able to unlock with my right middle, and left and right index.  It still shows that only my right middle finger is registered.  This is kind of concerning that 1) some how the original finger prints don't show up.  2)  There are hidden finger prints that will unlock the phone.  This is with a TA-1045 with Build 00WW_3_260_SP01.  


  • Amin D Amin D
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    I had the same issue with Nokia 8. And this happend after the recent security update patch (March 1, 2019). Battery died, then no finger print were listed, and it didn't take new fingerprints because it had reached its limit of fingerprints.

    All I did was to reset the phone again. And then the finger print list was practically empty. And it would accept new finger prints:
  • sammy sammy
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    To avoid phone lockup, always use 2 methods of authentication on your phone. E.g face unlock and fingerprint OR face unlock and pattern lock. Any combination you wish.
  • A. M. A. M.
    I am having the same problem with my Nokia 5, running the July 2019 update of Android Pie. As Amin D. said, my battery died and then, upon recharging, the phone "forgot" my fingerprint, yet on the other hand it didn't allow me to register the same finger. This is a very serious security issue. How can we make Nokia aware of it?

    Judging by the fact that this page is the only result returned by Google that contains the words "Please try to set a different finger", I'd say that it is a Nokia-specific problem, not an Android one.
  • thosbox thosbox
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    I have also experienced fingerprint problems with my TA-1050 since the July update. Over time it fails to read fingerprint unlock, although it will normally read at least a couple of fingers. Yesterday it refused all of them, so I restarted it, but to no avail, so I then deleted all the saved fingerprints, then set them all up again. 
    It is ok at the moment, and in fact seems to read fingerprints better than ever. Whether this is a side effect of the July update, or simply a reflection of me setting them up more accurately, I can't say. 
    Previously I had a Nexus 5x, and the 6.1 was never as good at fingerprint unlocking, so maybe Nokia are working on that?
  • Tommi Laakso Tommi Laakso
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    I'm havimg the same issue. My Nokia 8 (TA-1004) has randomly forgotten my fingerprints after charging. And after the phone has forgotten them, it's a bit hard to get the fp reader to register my fingers but after that the fp works fine.
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