VoLTE stopped working after 00WW_3_260_SP01 update

I noticed that right after I was finished with the November security patch update Volte no longer shows up on the phone. Is that happening to anyone else?

VoLTE stopped working after 00WW_3_260_SP01 update

thewiseguyshivam thewiseguyshivam
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I noticed that right after I was finished with the November security patch update Volte no longer shows up on the phone. Is that happening to anyone else?


  • hemendra97 hemendra97
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    yes. happened to me too. received the update on 28th November. restarted mobile and volte disappeared
  • jim in pa jim in pa
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    Make sure LTE services are enabled. Settings=>Network and Internet=>Mobile Network=>Advanced=>Enhanced 4G LTE Mode On. If this is enabled then you are in LTE mode if your carrier supports it (regardless of the icon being displayed).
  • Yes same here on AT&T USA. no VoLTE icon. Checked relevant options above and still not showing
  • Same problem happens me .volte is not working
  • Didn't fix with December 2018 update on TA-1045.
  • Ullas A k Ullas A k
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    Nokia 5.1 plus VoLTE Reliance Jio India stopped working after Pie update.Plwase fix it
  • Relince jio volte is stop working in nokia 5.1plus after restart plese solve this issue fast 
  • Relince jio is stop working after pie update in nokia 5.1plus plese solve this issue fast n
  • Mayur Shewale Mayur Shewale
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    Jio sim stopped working on Nokia 5.1 plus after PIE UPDATE. Can't call, sms outgoing and incoming everything is shut down..
  • I tried my T-Mobile USA SIM in my Nokia 6.1 with Dec update and it worked perfect with VoLTE and Wi-Fi Calling, as provisioned by the carrier. but my AT&T SIM still doesn't do the VoLTE it once did. so maybe something changed in the IMS profile or the device's software update causes a problem. Would need to find another AT&T Sim to confirm.
  • Volte stopped working on my Nokia 5.1 plus after pie update. Please solve this problem. It is a big issue.
  • TonyTone TonyTone
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    My understanding with At&t is that they only support VoLTE with certain phones. In order to get it working on the At&t network, a very helpful service rep was able to enter my old Imei from my old Lumia 950 (which is a supported device) as a "dummy" to trick their system into allowing VoLTE. After this change, the VoLTE logo appeared in the status bar and seems to be working as it should. Hope this helps. 
  • I did a similar function. I have an AT&T branded Galaxy S6 which supports VoLTE .so I put my sim in there, enabled VoLTE on that phone and swapped back to the Nokia and it worked for a bit. That kept working for maybe a week, and I lost the VoLTE icon a day ago. I will do the same trick again when I get back to that phone. 
  • The VoLTE doesn't seem to be standardised, which is stupid. If it were you wouldn't have to have all this validation stuff since all would operate in the same fashion  It looks the same for 5G, although 5G looks to be a system alongside 4G, so 5G VoLTE equivalent may not happen.

    I'm not sure how people will respond to the huge amount of additional micro cells required for 5G, coming to a light pole near you! 
  • Problem still persists on February Security Update... Even though #*#*4636*#*# shows LTE network for speech. 
    Neither does VoWiFi work. 

    The whole IMS stuff is faulty  
  • user09041998 user09041998
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    Vodafone volte not supported
  • Still no VoLTE/VoWIFI after March Security Update and the Maintenance Release
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    Without looking into your mistakes why the responsible people blaming the service provider........  it is a shame on you,  see how many people are complaining and simply you are telling do this....... that......  this is the reason you are out from the market earlier.  You never listening to customer needs.......  we will jump into other handsets.... bye
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