Earpiece volume, headphone volume too low

As per headline, the earpiece volume is too low even at max volume. I am unable to hear other party properly. Same problem with wired headphone.

Earpiece volume, headphone volume too low

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As per headline, the earpiece volume is too low even at max volume. I am unable to hear other party properly.
Same problem with wired headphone.
Even while watching videos, the speaker at top of phone i.e. left side is too low.


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    I am also facing this problem in my phone with headphones
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    Audio/ Music experience is not overwhelming, even with Dolby Atmos feature. Max volume is comparably low from other devices. Even a very fine quality earphone experience is average.
    Any measures of bumping up the experience in future?
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    what's wrng with the earpiece it too low
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    I have the same problem with Nokia 6. After first Oreo update, the volume in call is incredible low. If i'm outside with some background noise, i can't hear anything. I understand that the default value for maxim volume is now set lower than before. I hope that the next update will fix this problem. 

  • I am having the same problem, and when I think about it it seem that it has started with the Oreo update.
  • my nokia 6 earpiece also have same problem..cannot be audible

  • should our nokia 6 to be replaced in nokia care center

  • I know this thread is on nokia 6, not nokia 6.1, but here is something that helped on my nokia 6.1 -

    I experienced low call volume too through headphones only. I confirm improvement from another post from user 'zzzz8888' to disable VoLTE (Voice over LTE).

    Here is what I did:
    settings / network & internet / Mobile network / Advanced / Enhanced 4G LTE Mode -- turn off this option
    make a call

    My phone:
    Bought Nokia 6.1 (USA) on black friday, installed all updates. now at Android 9 w/ Nov 1, 2018 security patch level. on T-Mobile network. was seriously considering returning for a different product. This may stop me from returning the product. will need to try it out for a day with real calls.

    I also tried
    settings / Apps & notifications / Phone / Storage / Clear cache
    then reboot
    and did not hear a call volume level change.

  • Nokia definitely needs to roll out an update now. My phone is brand new and acter Oreo update phone calls are whispers even on conference setting. Dude! Post a repair link Octopi worldwide would love it!

  • l.a. adams l.a. adams

    Nokia G50 bought 1/2022, Android 12, sound works fine with Bluetooth ear buds. The PROBLEM is when using wired headphones. It starts out fine but soon thereafter the volume slips to nada.

    I chatted with Nokia support. I reset apps, rebooted, yada yada. I could not replicate sitting at my desk.

    Of course I went on a walk and used plugin wired headphones. Within 10 steps the volume slipped. I tried putting in my pocket with volume and plug not touching anything, then holding in my hand... Still happens. Help

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