Sms Receiving Problem

I don't receive any text message in my Nokia 6.

Sms Receiving Problem

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I don't receive any text message in my Nokia 6. When I am about to get the OTP for any cause on my number, I always have to open "message", then send OTP, or else I won't receive it. Please help me out, it's a serious issue. Even I had Reset my phone thinking it might help, but no changes.


  • Don't update the messaging app.Doing this may solve your problem
  • Krishna Krishna
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    I am using NOKIA6, After NOV monthly security update, we are facing this issue. Even NOKIA support team doesn't have proper info about the fix and ETA. Try this work around: disable and force stop the default 'messages' app and download any third party sms app ( i am using 'sms organizer' of Microsoft) and make this as a defult message app. Then in the battery setting --> activity manager --> white list your sms app. This is working for me. 

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