Battery drainage and Hanging issue

Did anyone faced massive battery drainage and Hanging issue using Nokia 3 . I am facing such issues , what shall I do ?

Battery drainage and Hanging issue

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Did anyone faced massive battery drainage and Hanging issue using Nokia 3 . I am facing such issues , what shall I do ?


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    Did you made these (dont forget it''s a Phone and not a Laptop):

    -disconnect wifi and internet Data when you not use Internet

    -disconnect Location,Gps when you don t need

    -disable All applications You don''t use frequently

    -choose a Black wallpaper(the screen is 5",so a lot of battery needed here)

    -disconnect Autosync and sync manually when you have time to check e-mail,Facebook,etc.

    -Use Clean Master .apk to close apps and clean memory

    -avoid keeping the phone in the heat(sun,worm places,etc)

    -keep display on AUTO brightness or minimum

    -choose a black theme for Keyboard ?

    If you did so,you shouldn t have any problem.

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    Bro I have the same issue. My battery is draining like ****. This happened after 8.1 update. It won't last for a day also.
  • Hey @user1537175978401,our nokia devices are running in android 8.0.0 update, when did you get android 8.1.0? Please explain 
  • Bro I got update in September . 8.1.0 for Nokia 3.1 and security patch Im having battery issue . Phone in idle will drain 1% battery per hour is it normal?
  • @user1539442128561,
    Bro, first of all ,if it's drain 1% per hour, then it's absolutely okay. Because the 8.1.0 OS and above will consume more power.
    Your battery backup is good, in Nokia 3, there is not even 23hrs battery backup in idle conditions.
    Secondly, this is not you page to discuss about Nokia 3.1 in Nokia 3 page.
    Nokia 3 is very balanced phone without any hanging issues. Your topic will place a misunderstanding to the developers of Nokia, please see for it.
  • But I face the battery drain issue on Nokia 3 and I like to add one option on Nokia that is whenever the phone is locked the internet usage should be limited or the internet is disabled until the screen is on.
  • user1530895056526 . Sorry bro I didn't find any topics regarding Nokia 3.1 atleast u people would know something regarding battery issue so I did this.bro another thing after fully charging my phone I played pubg for nearly 2 - 3 hours battery got over is this normal?
  • Buy a new phone bro. I'm facing this problem and I have report this issue many times. But no fix. Phone settings will not solve this. The os is too heavy for the phone. Buy a phone like Motorola, HTC, etc...
  • I'm facing the same problem.
    It can be fixed by turning your Enhanced 4G LTE mode OFF
  • But it's not the option bro. Turning off 4g will increase 1 or 2 hrs. I did this. But y r we suffering from turning off all the features. The provider should give a proper fix. As I know this is common problem for all Nokia 3 users
  • I'm having that problem for the past 2 months after August security update.
    Still now it's not fixed. I'm exhausted by waiting for the problem to be fixed.
    I think HMD ignoring Nokia 3. Even 2.1 runs on 8.1 and Moto G5s plus got 8.1.
  • Company is in a mess I guess. The launched lots of phones and most of having problems. What they should have done is give a good care and support for mobiles that they have launched before launching thousands of mobile phones. Currently using a HTC bcz can't go out with the crappy Nokia 3 without a charger.
  • It hangs very badly
  • Ya true. I guess they don't even look or care about what goes in the forum topics. I have even personally chat for the customer care team. But nothing happened. They just say to do some settings and it will do nothing. Also I have told them that it doesn't help. And they don't go further?
  • We must need better system update
  • Ya true. This should have happened long time a go. Unfortunately HMD does not care. If not even a low weight operating system update should be given to minimise battery drainage.
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