Nokia is not listening at all.

This community forum is utter nonsense. There is no support from the company staff itself not even on a single matter. They don't listen to our ideas.

Nokia is not listening at all.

wilson shrestha wilson shrestha
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This community forum is utter nonsense. There is no support from the company staff itself not even on a single matter. They don't listen to our ideas. They don't listen to our problems. Its just normal users helping other users. I think there is no use in posting great ideas and stuff. It's just a waste of time since the company won't listen. I mean there so many great minds suggesting great ideas in the forum. And there is not a single reply. I think other companies instead would scroll around these pages and collect ideas and implement it. If that's the case get ready for Downfall of Nokia Part 2 guys.


  • Matt Carter Matt Carter
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    Best solution is to use XDA and reddit, I find more information there about android handsets than any company community forum.

    BlackBerry abandoned their own forums for the ones at CrackBerry as the support at CrackBerry was far greater.

  • madbilly madbilly
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    I'm certain that the forums are read by HMD and feedback collected. It's true that we don't get much return on the feedback, I think HMD could improve the engagement part of the community forums.

    For the support part, I always assumed that "community" meant customers helping other customers, however more direct answers from HMD would be helpful.

    The HMD managers do appear to be quite responsive on Twitter, maybe other social networks too. It would be great if some of that engagement could be brought to these community forums as well.

  • Matt Carter Matt Carter
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    @madbilly, maybe there is no sign of this, to be honest I am not sure how many read the "READ ME FIRST" post, if they did there would probably be a better understanding that this is peer driven and not an official channel.

    Twitter is a very different animal for a company, once you start getting poor tweets it only takes one for the press to latch on and it to go viral, I can see them primarily driving support there as it is more visible.

  • madbilly madbilly
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    Good point, Twitter (and Facebook, Instagram, etc) are very PUBLIC! They need managing well.

    However, I'm on some company fora which are considered much more the go-to place for engagement than the social media channels. So it really depends on how Nokia manage this. If Nokia can produce a unified community app that links forum, Twitter, etc in one place then that would solve the issue.

    For general help on Android I fully agree that XDA and Reddit (plus many other fora in non-English languages) are the go-to places, no need to replicate all that expertise here.

  • Unknown
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    Hi all,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    Forum is as an important part for us in interacting and communicating with our consumers. We have continuous development around Forum and we are looking ways to improve the engagement. As you know, we cannot comment on every post and we encourage people to share their information&knowledge and help each others.

    But, be sure that we are paying attention to Forum and listening to your ideas and feedback even we are (or I am) not always replying ;)


    Mike (mod)

  • Hi @Mike,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Are there plans to update the forum software to standardised template?

    Nokia seem to be using Freshdesk atm however it doesn't have many of the standard forum power tools I would expect to see.

    • Personalisation (signature support, avatars, thank meter, achievements)

    • HTML code support in posts

    • New Post Support (site searching to stop duplicates)
    • KB or FAQ based on user content (considering this is a peer driven platform it seems to be a big miss)
    • List of Mod and who to contact to complain about issues

    • Direct Messaging between users

    I've noticed a few bugs atm too:

    Using Google SSO seems to setup a username of "user********", are there plans to allow people to personalise immediately when using the Google SSO registration method?

    Additionally Google SSO doesn't seem to work in Safari on the latest macOS, not sure if this is a bug in Safari or a script issue with the SSO however I have to switch to Firefox to use the SSO.



  • madbilly madbilly
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    Lots of great suggestions! I've been surprised how basic the forum software is. However, since there's also a fair few bugs in the current software adding more features might just increase the number!

    Anyway, that's off-topic; @Mike, thanks for coming back to us :)

  • I recently blogged about this and my recommendation was to follow the KISS and STAR principles when implementing something like a Forum.

    Right now Nokia need Stop, is this the right platform? To be brutally honest I had never heard of Freshdesk as a service until this week, the limited amount of feature probably mean they're building them in a their own expense. A cost/benefit analysis would show it if it is worth continuing on the current platform or should they switch to something like IPBoard or phpBB.

    Personally, scrapping it and migrating to a recognised forum platform would be better than what is currently available.

  • I agree - I post in Anything Goes around 3 days ago about providing a Forum section here for legacy phone users so we can help each other.

    The post hasn't even appeared yet.

  • madbilly madbilly
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    Odd that your post hasn't appeared.

    The community support for older Nokia devices is already well established on the MS forums, there are many people there who I don't see here at all - which is odd, considering that they are clearly fans of Nokia products. I know we'd prefer these discussions to be here on, but I imagine that HMD are very reluctant to do anything that will make them liable for things that MS are legally responsible for.

    Having said that, a new sub-forum for discussing legacy Nokia devices would be nice - currently this is spread around many other sub-fora. HMD may even get some ideas from it.

  • user389 user389
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    @ cpcnw;

    Postings with hyperlinks are delayed for hours or days. I have one such post missing for a few days now.

    If there are no hyperlinks in your missing post then something else is wrong.

    Regarding the topic: It is not advisable to have technicians and programmers interact officially with customers in a public forum. Flaming and other abuse is the most likely outcome.
    It didn't work on usenet 20 years ago, and it only got worse since.


  • madbilly madbilly
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    Good point about keeping technical staff and customers separate, there are very few cases where this has worked well.

  • Still not listening. Who's talking about technicians and customers?

    I certainly did not bring that up in my reply.

     I'm talking about end _users_ being able to help each other and this being a good place for it.

    At least it has somewhere in the URL

    If I though people would chip in and contribute I would buy a suitable URL and get free hosting to run a board myself...

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