New update available?

I have received a new update, for oreo. The new update brings: security patch dec.

New update available?

usercub usercub
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I have received a new update, for oreo.
The new update brings: security patch dec. 2017, system stability fixes and interface enhancement.i don't have any other detail

Now, i've already had the oreo+dec patch, this seems to be new.

Nokia 8 1004 - Romania. Phone was bought unlocked


  • rencas rencas
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    I have that update today, downloading right now
  • usercub usercub
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    Some user on XDA and myself, report that the camera app seems much faster. Is not clear if it an actual improvement, or just in my (our mind).

    Latest camera version, after this update: v100.0086.01 / v020.0068.03. Unfortunately, i did not record the previous version, so i do not know if it is actually changed. Can somebody confirm that the version above is actually new?

  • abecedario abecedario
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    I still have Nougat 7.1.1 and november patch.

    Actual camera version is: V100.0084.01 / V020.0066.03

  • usercub usercub
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    Xda reports that there was a version bump for camera and touch panel.

    "There is a bump in the camera firmware from V020.0067.03 to V020.0068.03 and touch panel from V1.05.27 to 1.05.29"

    abecedario: the above version bump is from the previous Oreo build, not the Nougat one. Did you try the workaround to be able to update to Oreo? There are a few on the forum

  • No december or Oreo update for me yet.

    I read on Twitter: Just received system-upgrade Oreo 8.0 (V 4.390)

    On 7.1.1 my fw camera:
  • gemini75 gemini75
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    And still waiting for December patch and 8.0
  • J444LH J444LH
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    @usercub, I'm on Oreo but haven't had the update yet and my camera is on 8.0090.01

  • J444LH J444LH
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    Hmmm, App info says Camera version is 8.0090.01

    "About Phone" says V100.0086.01 / V020.0067.03

  • rob rob
    Oreo + December Patch
    Camera Firmware
    v100.0086.01 / v020.0067.03

    Looks like the 2nd December update has a new camera version.
  • Any improvement in camera performance?
  • Hi, can you post which Nokia 8 version has received the new V4.390 update as my UK TA-1012 hasn't yet and am wondering it if will. Thanks

  • Seány Seány
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    Can confirm just got update on UK TA-1012.

    Impressions: solved problem of zero bytes files on SD-Card. Touch screen improvement. Camera can't tell so far. Disappointingly, NFC issue - of having to turn NFC off and back on after unlocking by fingerprint - not fixed. SMS not respecting changes to the default notification sound or keeping setting of user added sound - not fixed. Battery life - too early to comment.

    Worth noting that some outstanding issues could possibly be Oreo related rather than Nokia. Hope NFC fixed in next update. Got this phone in November add since then had 2 monthly security updates (Nov,Dec), Oreo 8 update, and now this current update so kudos to Nokia that to date they are keeping their promise on timely updates
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