Ideal Nokia flagship

My name is Eric and I have only used Nokia phones since 1999. (Although, I am using an LG phone with a Gmail account to send this).

Ideal Nokia flagship

EricLovesSymbian EricLovesSymbian
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My name is Eric and I have only used Nokia phones since 1999. (Although, I am using an LG phone with a Gmail account to send this).
As a share holder and a person that has sent ideas in with
Invent with Nokia, I have been told to submit my concerns here...

I will cut and paste my comment on this email and send it to you...
I have had several people tell me to do so. I visit many Nokia fan websites and leave comments.

The following is my post. I left it in the comments section on a website, when I read the Nokia 8 review (subsequently, this is the reason why I will still use my Symbian powered Nokia 808).

EricLovesSymbian says:

Interesting! Overall the Nokia 8 seems like a decent phone, not a spectacular phone.

I would have appreciated features like:
1. AMOLED screen (especially on higher end models, due to it's advanced features and capabilities)

2. Bigger battery (at least 3300-3600 mAh)
3. Front facing flash
4. Nokia optimizations (throughout the entire phone - battery management, customizable themes, auto cache cleaning, etc)

5. Stereo speakers (because the Nokia 6 that costs 1/3 - 1/2 the price has it)
6. Smaller bezels or a smaller footprint (meaning the same size screen with a smaller footprint, or the same size externally but with a 5.5-5.7 inch AMOLED screen. It shouldn't really exceed 72.5 mm in width)

7. A better camera app and or a better aperture for better low light photos
8. Dual port micro SIM and nano SIM card slot, next to a micro SD card. (Hundreds of millions of people still use micro SIM cards, myself included, and do NOT want to upgrade to the nano SIM card. Other OEM manufacturers place the nano sideways, and the micro SIM vertically, on the same tray, next to the micro SD card slot)
9. A more mature camera housing (perhaps a square shaped black gloss circle, or a glossy black triangle with rounded corners)

10. OIS on all three cameras with laser guided auto focus
11. FM radio (this would costs pennies)
12. Quick charge 4.0+ (this would have been incredibly awesome to have had - not regular 4.0, but the 4.0 PLUS).
13. Android 8.0 operating system out of the box ... From what I've read, based on security and battery efficiency, and other under the hood stuff, this new Android is definitely worth having. And as an added bonus, look at how similar the settings menu is compared to the amazing wonderful Symbian Belle FP2.
14. Dedicated camera button. For a camera centric phone, I believe having a camera button would be ideal. Pushing the power button two times really fast isn't appealing to all.
15. A programmable (customizable) Glance screen as it was on the Nokia 808. Not just a 20 minute preview that the Nokia 8 has.
16. Customizable Led notification light should be mandatory. Flashing Red for low battery, constant red for charging, flashing green for missed calls, constant green for battery fully charged. A customizable blue light for important user things (as in, receiving a missed call from someone important, or a social media notification, etc)
17. Better waterproofing (so people don't bad mouth the phone by saying it's unable to attend the beach or pool party)

These are just some things I'd generally like to have seen in a Nokia flagship phone. People like to make comparisons - we all do it, whether it's cars or phones, or grades, or income. If a certain flagship from our beloved Nokia is missing certain things, people hold those things against it.

Not having an AMOLED screen is such a huge disappointment! My 7 year old Nokia N8 had one. My wonderful amazing Symbian powered Nokia 808 had one. Nokia couldn't use a darn AMOLED screen? They really had to use a screen from a time when phones used only LCD screens - 2005???

But I love how they included Bluetooth 5.0, polarized screen, double tap to wake and (a crippled) Glance screen (always on display)

(I think my Nokia E71 also had an LCD screen with some form of always on display, which showed the time, text message and missed calls with the date on it. It was a screen saver. But since it's outdated old LCD , it is very dim. On an AMOLED screen, it can be very bright and easily seen from many feet away - on the other side of the room)

Moreover, I really feel like the upcoming Nokia 9 may resemble the new LG V30 (for some reason)...

I hope this reaches the correct reader and perhaps some things could be incorporated Incorporated into the next flagship...


  •  As foreword I would say the talk about AMOLED/IPS that doesn't light me up so much (I largely prefer IPS one especially THIS one on Nokia 8 that seems to have incredibly high performances as measured for example on GSMArena), sayd that I would ask to Eric: if we had Nokia 8 with all your (almost all good) points, what shall they have to "invent" for Nokia 9?

    and what for Nokia "10"?

    The only thing I feel I want to borrow from al those points in order to apply it on every future Nokia Phones is LED Status.. It's incredibly useful, it's kind of funny, its presence give the chance (together with Always On, Glance Screen and so on) to set the notifications exactly as user want in any moment.

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     I agree with everything you write, although personally I'm not that bothered by the bezel size on the 8 from what I've seen. The only other thing I can think of right now to add is an FM transmitter - my old car doesn't have bluetooth or USB! :D

  • madbilly madbilly
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     Oh and it would be great if the formatting in your post could be sorted out to make it easier to read.

  • Shiv1234 Shiv1234
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    Hi Nokia team, I have a suggestion for you feature phone. Why aren't you making full loaded feature phone like Asha etc. I mean when I saw jio 2 qwerty phone, I liked it but didn't buy coz primary needs to be jio sim. Why don't you manufactur some brilliant feature phone with Qwerty keyboard, nfc feature. I believe that many people love to keep such feature phone apart from smart phone. U are launching 8110 etc etc. I m looking for features phone with qwerty board, 4G, Paytm, google pay etc feature. Facebook/wassap features Chose thr pricing part v carefully of such phones. And simultaneously make spectacular phones u were known for like N series etc.

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