camera and flash are faulty

I recently purchased the Nokia 6 on Amazon, fully unlocked non-Amazon version.

camera and flash are faulty

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I recently purchased the Nokia 6 on Amazon, fully unlocked non-Amazon version. I have upgraded the OS, and after much struggle disabled what appears to be all of the analytical Google tracking. Upon using the swipe from top down, I chose the flashlight and turned it on. It is not your typical white bright flash, no, it is amber. Amber...? Turned it off, and attempted to turn back on. Nothing. It stopped working. I have to reboot the device to fix.

That's not all. The camera. I enable the flash, attempt to take a picture and sure enough the flash fires as expected. And it continues to fire. The photos are also amber colored from the flash. I tested on white objects to verify. The contrast is blown out so bad. Like someone took a contrast filter and cranked it up all the way. You can't even see the amber colored picture.

Next, the support app states there is a manual mode in the camera app to take pictures like a pro. This is false as I am not able to switch to any manual controls via the small camera icon above the on screen shutter button. Before it sounds like a complaint only against the app, which would be mostly true, I thought perhaps the white balance was thrown off and that perhaps it could be remedied via manual mode. No such option as it does not exist.

Thankfully, upon being prompted for feedback on the device I chose to cancel. I almost selected to give it a 6 or 7, until I realized 'why is it asking me for feedback when the support app is disabled as are other tracking type features?' I was not in any app and had just unlocked my device.

Frankly this is a shame and I am extremely frustrated and disappointed. I am a strong Nokia supporter and had nothing but great experiences with my Lumia's but this is unacceptable. If this is not remedied, I will return it much to my dismay, especially considering concerns over privacy.


  • Hi herethere!

    Many thanks for your message. 

    The feedback you
    were asked to give is part of our NPS (Net Promoter Score) survey. It’s an
    optional questionnaire that appears when a new device has been activated and it’s
    there for the sole purpose of helping us make a better product and meet our
    customers’ expectations.


    The NPS survey is
    not in any way related to the Support app nor does it run in the background.
    All responses are anonymized to the device type and it does not collect any
    personal data. 


    Participating in the
    NPS survey is wholly voluntary and if you prefer not to take part you can
    always decline by clicking Cancel – as you were able to do.


    I hope this eases
    your concerns, let us know if you need further clarification. 

    Regarding your issues with the flashlight and camera, I would suggest contacting our customer support. We provide 24h chat support in English and they should be able to troubleshoot your problems quickly.


    Have a wonderful day!
    Anna (Moderator) 

  • herethere herethere
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    Thank you, a response, though it completely missed the subject of the thread nor do you acknowledge my primary issue. If the issue was solely regarding the NPS survey, then my concern would be slightly eased. I would be interested to know the name of the installed application.

    However, my issue is that the camera and flash appear to be faulty.

    I emailed support using the link on the Nokia website. I provided them a link to this thread. They state that they cannot view it because of security reasons and provide the details via email. While I applaud the vigilance against phishing, watering hole attacks, and general security...bravo... I must express that this appears to be a bit overly precautious given the link is to a subdomain; this very page that you are reading now.

    As for returning the device for repair, it is a possibility albeit a waning one given the Amazon return policy. A response would be appreciated nevertheless.

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    The camera flash and the flashlight in Nokia 6 is yellow'ish (dual-tone).

    Regarding the annoying amber cast in photos and videos, this seems to be resolved with the Android 7.1.2 & October 2017 security update on my phone.

    The camera API in Android has been 'buggy' for a long time according to the developer of Open Camera - which may explain why an update from Google is required to (hopefully, finally!) fix the issue.


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    Hi herethere, I have the exact same problem with the Flash and the flashlight. They're completely yellow and only work once, I have to turn off the phone and back on to make it work again! Did you Solve it? Can you help me? Thanks!
  • Hello, my Nokia 6 have the same problem, I recently get realized about it, when you try to turn on the flashlight, only half of dual tone works the yellow one. I did hard reset and didn't work. Please help us to solve it.
  • chayan chayan
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    After the oreo update yellow pictures problem is mostly solved.But the app still has a slight tint which I think will be fixed.Please install gcmod5 camera app from xda,you will be amazed to see the the actual potential of camera hardwr.It has bokeh for both camera ,sphere shots etc and please turn on hdr plus enhanced with raw saves.I guess this will help you.For anymore queries on setting the app or pic samples please mail me at [email protected] cuase i cant figure out how to add photos/screenshot here.Thanks and have a nice day ahead.
  • Thank you, Chayan. I haven't installed Oreo yet, I will try it. Besides the yellow pictures I have a problem with the Flash, I can only take 1 picture with the Flash on, and it stops working, I have to restart the device to take another picture with Flash (or to use the flashlight once). Did you have this problem too? Did Oreo Solve ir too?
  • chayan chayan
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    My first device was kinda like that.It was overheating anytime I used for 3-4 consequtive clicks or any cpu demanding works.It restarted randomly for even over 20 times at a strech and got heated like oven.I called amazon and they gave me a new set within 3 days.The new set does not have any issues.
    I never had the flash issue you mentioned.To me it seems like a faulty device please ask for a replacement.
    8.0 oreo beta made the phone faster,fluid,less battery consuming,solved 95% of camera problems like yellow pictures and slow focus but took away dolby atmos,sound output is less than optimal level but still sounds very good with external dac.
    Please ask for a replacement and let us know the status.Have a very nice day ahead.
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