Naming different product lines

 i was used to be in love with lumia "name", it was special and it makes recognisable the phone you had:

Naming different product lines

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 i was used to be in love with lumia "name", it was special and it makes recognisable the phone you had: "i have a lumia" ment i have a nokia.. "number" doesn't matters, was a lumia so was a nokia .

at the moment nokia don't have very much phones under production but still they are under different "serie" (different user target at least): what about make nokia and hmd marketing offices working hard in order to find new names for each of them?

would be lovely to have some serie name with a strong roots in finnish language (of course!!!) like lumia had.

so, maybe, a serie name for low end devices such as for nokia 3 (2)

a serie name for mid range nokia 5, 6..

a serie name for high end/flagships such as nokia 8 (9) and so..

i think this could be very cool from the marketing point of view, making "nokia x" much more personally!


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    I agree, this would make the new HMD phones stand out more. The Lumia name was used for Windows Phones. Asha was introduced for the new Smarterphone and S40 full touch models. X was introduced for the AOSP project (shame that wasn't continued, I would prefer that to "pure android").

    Before Lumia we only had numbers, they all ran on Nokia's own OSes (I include Symbian in this), and it was very difficult to work out from the name whether it was a Symbian, Maemo (or MeeGo Harmattan (Maemo 6)), S40, S80, S90 (!) etc.

    A brand for Nokia Android devices would send a clear message to the public that these are Nokia's new devices for Android, and they all run Android, nothing else.

    Lumia was a good choice because it makes one think of light, which is related to windows (they let light into a room). The HMD Android devices should have a name like this too, e.g. Machina (as a suggestion).

  • Few days ago HMD has registered a trademark Tarmo, name that could be referred to Finnish language.
    So maybe they're really going on the way I was hoping and supposing with my post..
    The most important thing is in my opinion that those "words" will be deep in Finn language and tradition..
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     Yes I read about that and wondered what it would be used for. For me it doesn't have a good ring to it for a phone, but maybe Lumia was a bit odd when it was first used too. Let's be hopeful :)

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