nokia 3310 3G USA version transferring contacts

Any tips on how to transfer my contacts from my iphone to my new nokia 3310 3G usa version?  Ive tried the following: 

nokia 3310 3G USA version transferring contacts

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Any tips on how to transfer my contacts from my iphone to my new nokia 3310 3G usa version?  Ive tried the following: 

Syncing via bluetooth- I actually got the phones to pair, but then it said "all the contacts have already been transferred" which was a lie, they never transferred. 

Adding contacts via a Vcard- I created a Vcard from Icloud. I put in on the SD memory card. There was nowhere to even add contacts under the contact setting- I have no import/ export contacs option, so I went into the files folder, and under memory card I tried to access my Vcard and the nokia said "unable to open this type of file". I tried changing the Vcard to the backup.dat format as some have suggested. Still no dice. 

Ive noticed under my contacts menu I don't even have options on import/ export contacts, I dont have options to copy contacts or copy contacts from another device, etc, i honestly feel im missing functions on this phone based on other vidoes I have seen on how to import contacts into this POS phone.

IF I have to manually add all of my contacts into this phone, its going in the garbage. This should not be so difficult...any help?



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    I had to manually transfer all my contacts!!!!!

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    After much searching on the web with no luck for the same problem you had, I accidentally got it to work. Here is what I did.

    First export your contacts to a .vcf file to your PC. In my case my old phone was bricked so I had to export my contacts from Google.  Next plug your phone into your computer. When you do it should give you an option to slect "mass storage". Select mass storage and the phone will show up as a drive on your PC, just like a thumb drive does. Now just copy the contacts.vfc file to the "vCard" folder on your phone. Now unplug your phone from your computer. Next go to your phone's main menu and scroll down to the "files" icon and open it. From here you may have two option, "Memory card" (if you have a Sd card installed) and "Phone memory". Choose the one where you copied the vcf file and scroll down to the Vcard folder and select it. You will now see the contacts.vcf file that you copied earlier. Click the left soft key to open up the menu and choose "save Vcard".  At this point you contacts should now be loaded. Go back to your contacts app and they all should be in there.

    Hope this works for you!

  • your a frickin genuis user1529696964016!!!!

    I had put this damn phone in my drawer to collect dust and die, you have resurrected it from the dead. 

    Only remaining issue is my 3310 will not be recognized by my computer at all when i plug it in so I have to manually remove the SD card and transfer everything onto my phone that way....what POS these phones are! 

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    Have you tried Gmail or Outlook account?
    If not, I suggest you try it first. If it still doesn't work, I recommend you a few methods I have used. I think it's okay.You should be able to successfully transfer contacts from your iPhone to the new Nokia 3310 3G USA version.
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    There are many solutions to export import contacts.You can easily import your contacts to use this vCard Export Import software tool.
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