Navigation keys + fingerprint sensor bug?

i got my nokia 8 a week ago. it's been working great, but during these 7 days the navigation keys + fingerprint sensor stopped working 4 times.

Navigation keys + fingerprint sensor bug?

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i got my nokia 8 a week ago. it's been working great, but during these 7 days the navigation keys + fingerprint sensor stopped working 4 times. they started working again after restart. is this a software or hardware issue? does it happen to other people or is my phone faulty and need replacing or do i wait for software update?


  •  got my Nokia 8 on the 13th September and after a few weeks I had the same problem also games would not load just a black screen plus changed wallpaper back to default I returned it to the carphone warehouse on the 7th October and they gave me a new one is working ok now but fingerprint takes time to turn screen on is quite slow at responding.

  • Nazmi Lao Nazmi Lao
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    I did not have the malfunctioning issues that user above encountered but I do notice that the fingerprint sensor is not quite as good as other phones - it tends to have difficulty in sensing my fingerprint and I have to adjust my finger a few times before it will unlock. Hope this will be rectified soon.

  • joedelta joedelta
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    The fingerprint sensor seems to be too sensitive. I have had better ones.
  • I didn't face problems till yet, just taking extra charge time
  • Touch and camera is very sober and descent then any other brand used
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    I didn't have the issue you are describing but had some other weird issue; 

    sometimes when i unlock my phone using the fingerprint sensor the app that was running is suddenly in split screen mode for which you should normally hold the multi-task button for a few seconds. At first i though i was being clunky or something but it keeps happening from time to time (about once every 2 day). I've had this problem on android Nougat and the Orea Beta.

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    I gave up had to take 2nd one back so got Samsung S8 much better phone a bit extra cash but we'll worth it.
  • i have same issue before, when u dont hold your phone for a long time then trying to unluck it using fingerprint i causes delay. then i figure out that the Glance function should be off. and now its ok, if u want to use the Glance u should turn off all the appearance setting of glance.
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    I buyer. Nokia 6 navigation bar not working , fingerprint not working how can I work with phone
  • I had my nokia8 two months ago.
    I deleted my saved fingerprints and re-saved newer.
    Now the sensor is more reactive.
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    My first Nokia 8 had the same problem. I had to restart the phone almost daily to reactivate the fingerprint scanner. Reentering the fingerprint did not solve the problem.
    I returned the phone and got a new one. Unfortunately the new one has a power button problem....
    Although I like the Nokia 8 very much (when it works allright), I am very disappointed about quality control.
    What I like: screen quality, responsive, 3,5 mm connector, usb-c, very! good battery life, clean Android, sturdy. What I dislike: camera quality.
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    I just figured out that the fingerprint sensor is not working in total darkness.
    'I guess this is to protect the phone from being active in your pocket.
    Give it a try, cover the light sensor and you will realize that there is no active fingerprint scan anymore.

    So, if you guys have issues with the sensor, try to figure out whether it was too dark.

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    There was definitely enough light when I had problems with the fingerprint scanner. When I put my finger on the scanner, the phone replied with something like "Cannot process fingerprint. Please try again". Trying again didn't help. Using another preset finger didn't help.
    I had to reset the phone almost each day.
  • I hace the same problem. Since Oreo update my phone is working bad. The keys work only when they want, hence sometimes I have a no operational mobile. I have ask Nokia and they are very disgusting because there is no Nokia care service in Spain and I must send the phone to Hungary.... More money to the phone bill at last. I'm really disappointed with Nokia ,Hmd global or whatever the name it has. And Amazon didn't help me because the problem has begun since 30 days.... But this was not my fault... It is the phone that it is not ok. I think I will sue them if they play more with me. ... And I'm in Europe so I am supposed to be protected by laws... Very disappointed.
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    I have the same problem with the fingerprint sensor. It just stops working every 12-24 hours. Restarting the phone makes it work again. Very annoying.

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     May be is late, but I have got my Nokia8 just a week ago, I started facing the issue with fingerprint when I tried to minimize an open applications using fingerprint. Indeed, I had no fingerprint added on my settings and fingerprint button was to minimize the open applications. However, in some application (it must be the some glitch in the application itself) when I open the application after exiting the app the fingerprint was not functioning (to minimize the applications) anymore except you do one restart. Through some trial workaround I noticed that if I add the fingerprint the issue will go away. In fact, the application was a mobile bank application which I downloaded from play store and had this fingerprint log in feature in it. So, I realized that when you disable the fingerprint (having no fingerprint added) the issue will start blinking with afew apps. Then, as I experienced the issue will be resolved if you just try to add the at least one fingerprint pattern .

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    Same problem with
  •  After a while I applied the solution I don't face the issue anymore the problem came from one application. 

  • I get this issue. finger print scanner/home and both soft touch keys randomly stop working. No pattern or logic to it that I can see.

  • Same problem, and also after restart it doesn't work sometimes
  • Facing same problem
  • When i press home button it opens Google Assistant unless I lock my phone and wait a few seconds or otherwise it will not work just keeps on opening Google Assistant.
  • For all problems with the fingerprint sensor: clean the sensor, then in android Pie, go to settings, system, advanced, option for reset, and reset app preferences.

    After that reboot your phone and you should be as new again.

    These problems are software related.

  • Seyib Seyib
    Tried going to settings, system, advanced, option for reset app preferences, rebooted and it did not work
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    I gave up had to take 2nd one back so got Samsung S8 much better phone a bit extra cash but we'll worth it.
    Be careful with this curve screen on S8! Before my Nokia 8 I also had S8. Even with screen protector and really good case my screen shattered from a one single drop!
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