Nokia 8: Sound Issue

Good day I have a Nokia 8 (Model: TA-1012, Hardware version:3.1) running Android 8.0.0.

Nokia 8: Sound Issue

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Good day

I have a Nokia 8 (Model: TA-1012, Hardware version:3.1) running Android 8.0.0. There is a fluctuating static sound that is audible through both the loudspeaker and earphones (Sennheiser CX300II) when running apps/games that produce sound and when listening to different formats of high quality audio. The sound actually also seems to distort the audio at some points. I'm not sure if it's a hardware or software issue since it happens with both the earphones and the speaker, but I was wondering if I should return it under warranty or wait for an update which will fix it. I'm really disappointed with this as it's put a damper on my experience with what's been an otherwise exceptional phone. 


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    As I don't have any sound issue like many others I guess it's a faulty unit... It looks like there is a batch of Nokia 8 with sound problems since you are not the only one. I would return it.
  • I found here a lot of threads about bad sound quality. For me the sound quality is superb on this device. Before this I had Nexus 5. Nokia 8 sounds a few times better on my akg k92 than Nexus 5. Default Nokia 8 earphones not sounds for me, I have changed these with my old Lumia 920 earphones and now getting deep scene and good bass.
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    Yep, I have the same or similiar problem.
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    Bring it back ASAP. This might be just the start of a whole list of disappointments of "an otherwise exceptional phone" as you put it. (Yes, by now I've had enough of this phone - and the company.) Seriously though, forget their so-called support (my experience with them left me in what I can only call disbelief at times) and bring it back, get a new one or get your money back. This might not be the last disappointment.
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