Bluetooth+Carkit voice distortion

There is a problem with Bluetooth and my CarKit in the Nissan Tiida.

Bluetooth+Carkit voice distortion

Ivan Z. Ivan Z.
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There is a problem with Bluetooth and my CarKit in the Nissan Tiida.

When I have a voice call, I hear sometimes voice distortion for 2-3 seconds several times in a minute.

It is very similar underrun or overrun buffer. 

There weren't any troubles with other phones.

Could it be trouble with Software or Firmware?


  • Same issue for me: For most calls using the Handsfree feature in there is a distortion where the other party can not be understood. Happens at least every minute.

    Nokia 5 on Oreo (was part of the beta), Opel Insignia Intellilink (1st Gen), happens with a JVC KD-BT1 Car Stereo as well.

    No issues when streaming audio (A2DP), I did not face this issue on Android 7.

    I already tried restart of the phone, unpair and pair again.

    Would a factory reset worth the efforts?

  • Santosh Santosh
    I am also facing similar issue with my Nokia 5. Voice is distorted when connected to my Volkswagen Bluetooth car audio system. Hardly able to understand the conversation over Bluetooth. No issues while playing music. My A One 9 works perfectly connecting the same car audio system. Nokia should try to get a fix soon for this problem.
  • Karlos Karlos

    We have the same issue with 5 x Nokia 5's in the UK, only on bluetooth when connected to a car. Multiple different cars and only happens when in the car, out of the car all works fine.

    Was asked today to boot the phone into Safe mode but this didn't make any difference, still Dalek interference on every phone call lasting 2-3 seconds multiple times on every call, but ONLY when in the car.

  •  Factory Reset did not help at all. Not that I expected anything else.

    I am thinking about a warranty claim. It is a feature that was advertised and that does not work anymore.

  • Just realized that the distortion seems to be gone when WiFi is switched off.

    Not having an access point in my cars the mobile was not connected anyway.

    So this might me related to the scan for wireless networks? The distortion happens maybe three to six times per minute. Sounds like a reasonable WiFi search frequency to me!

  • Hello, has anyone come up with a permanent fix, turning off Wi-Fi is not a practical solution, you cant expect users to turn off Wi-Fi when you get into the car.

    Either way Hardware or Software Nokia need to fix this urgently.

    As a company we were planning on rolling our severall hundred nokia 5 devices, with this fundemental issue we can't and will have to consider another make if Nokia dont resolve urgently

  • nishanth nishanth
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    Usually the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are on the same chip, scanning at different radio frequencies.. I had this issue when connecting to Laptop over Bluetooth.
    There are applications like 'Automate' which can perform various activities/functions when certain conditions are triggered. Check it out.

  • Unknown

    That is probably true but why did it only start happening after the Oreo Update? They probably had a tweak or some parameters set so that both WiFi Scan and BT can work at the same time. Maybe the scheduling was done in a way that they do not collide...

    Whatever it is, Handsfree not working with WiFi on is not acceptable.

    Btw. I do use Lama as a automation tool but that is a hack not a proper solution. What if I had a car with a WiFi Hotspot or I wanted to use Handsfreeset together with WiFi calling?

  • Update on the below, 8.1 update has resolved the issue with the dalek voice when in the car

    but you can only get this update 'BEFORE' it has been latched to a network.

    O2 & Vodafone are not allowing 8.1 to push out over the air, only appears to be ee who are allowing this currently

    we've had to totally wipe and factory reset, then build the phones before adding in a sim

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