Strange sound coming out of phone

Hi friends. My Nokia 5 regularly makes this sound without any reason (no notification, message etc).

Strange sound coming out of phone

john doe john doe
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Hi friends. My Nokia 5 regularly makes this sound without any reason (no notification, message etc). It sounds just like it could be a notification sound but when I went through all the different sounds it wasn't any of them. It's driving me nuts. Does anyone have any idea what this could be about?


  • john doe john doe
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    Up ^

  • john doe john doe
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    Anyone else have this problem?

  • RikHS RikHS
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    Yes, had this happen too. Weird.

  • john doe john doe
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    BTW - I figured it out!! 

    I realized the sound was happening every time my cover was "open" and my bank cards were behind the phone. Realized my NFC had been on the whole time. So it kept trying to read my cards, and that is where the sound came from! 

    I have now turned NFC off and the sound has not come back. What a relief! 

  • RikHS RikHS

    I had another phantom alert ping this morning. Nothing to do with NFC in my case.

  • I am also facing this problem. Please help me out because i am really fed up
  • nishanth nishanth
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    Could it be an application sending out notification beeps in background, but the notifications are blocked from displaying on homescreen?

    Try switching off NFC as mentioned in the previous replies and Changing the notification sound of the applications to narrow down the application making the beep sound.

  • user1512400313928 user1512400313928
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    I tried turning off phone lock sound and I haven't heard the sound yet, I just notice my NFC was on I have also turn it off. I hope it will work.
  • Thank you for your comments i have turned off the nfc. Let's see whether the sound will come out or not.
  • I turned off the screen locking sounds for 2days and the sound was gone but after seeing a suggestion to turn off NFC, immediately I turned off my NFC and turn on the screen locking sounds but the sound was back, so I may suggest you try turning it off and observe for a while, I just hope it will stop and if it does then it unfortunate to say the default with the model is making that sound which is so frustrating.
  • It seems my suggestion still didn't work because 2days after my post when I was in the car, as the screen lock I heard the sound, after unlocking it, it still went on and when I lock the screen, it continued like about 4times, now I'm out of ideas and it's so frustrating, please I need a solution.
  • nishanth nishanth
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    1 Check Settings > Sound > Other Sounds > Screen Locking Sounds.
    This is the sound during phone lock / unlock. This should be OFF.
    (This sound is like a cap being opened from a soda bottle , like a pop sound)
    You can instantly check this by Locking / Unlocking your phone !

    2 Switch off NFC.

    3 IF you are using social applications , like WhatsApp. You could be getting notification sounds in groups. I.E. If you are mentioned in the chat. And various other possibilities. So Change the Tune of the notifications and you can narrow down which app is making the noise in the background !!
    And it may not be showing notifications, so check those settings as well.

  • I Have done all that and the sound isn't the one you are describing, it's a very loud siren sound which sound like a malfunction. I guess it's a hardware or software default suggested by Nokia support. Indeed Nokia need to make effort in developing their android cos it's gonna be a complete failure.
  • nishanth nishanth
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    I still suspect an application making this noise on your phone. No one is mentioning about such issue and according to this post it was identified as NFC / Lock sound. 
    If u can give more info about the sound , it can be helpful actually. When does it occur, how frequent?

  • Just on it own sometimes, I was advice to uninstall apps and clear cache but instead I decided to restore factory settings but still after all that and not having a single app on it, I still heard the sound, I turned off NFC, screen locking sound which I suggested for others but to my greatest surprise I heard the sound as I unlocked the phone and also when I locked it, as I said it's a very loud siren sound much like an fm station with no signal on a old radio, well I'm way tried of complaining and explaining and there seems to be no solution to the problem, my seller can't help out and can't get help from Nokia support, I just hope it will stop on it own or I have to replace a phone of just 2weeks.
  •  Just got the Same issue with a Nokia 3

    Some times instead of alarm or other notification sounds (unlock, lock, etc.) there is this loud siren sound.

    send in to repair and they install android new. but after about 10 alarms (set it every minute to reproduce) there was this siren sound. I do a factory reset, now it takes about 100 alarms and siren sound.

    now we send it in 2nd time with a video left on the phone. also said to care chat if theres no change i want a new phone. think this is a hardware fail.

  • user1513095980377 user1513095980377
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    I realized the sound comes as a result of the phone over heating so it's an alert to let u know the phone is hot, that's my own experience anyways
  • That is not the sound we get. The phone was fresh started and not hot. It sound like the same with this description.
  • I think I discovered this issue on mine.  In the Google Play Store, go to settings, then turn OFF the notifications for updates and auto-updates.  Mine was beeping when updates ran.  

  • yeah...scratch my previous answer.  Just started beeping at me again.

  •  I am a Nokia 5.1 plus user. I also have this issue of some notification sound frequently.I turned off the screen locking sounds and still that sound exits.

  • Mephist Mephist
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    the "Strange sound" is very annoying. today I reset (factory reset) my nokia 5 and take out memory and SIM card. the sound still beep in the first screen (language selection).

    the beep sound is off when I turned off the NFC function. OR TAKE OUT THE PHONE CASE, THE SOUND IS OFF.

    conclusion : some phone case will trigger NFC sensor.
  • user1531831845773 user1531831845773
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    I am a Nokia 6.1 user. I also have this issue of some notification sound frequently. I tried NFC off and play store notifications off but the problem continues. Any idea?. Thank you
  • ankitabhi ankitabhi
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    My Nokia 5.1 Plus is doing the same thing in the middle of the night. I just updated the phone to the February 2019 patch with system updates. I will update you if thing changes tonight for me.
  • I have a Nokia 3 and mine does a similar thing, I had to mute my phone because every 4 secs a weird noise came out of it, it's driving me crazy. One time my phone randomly started playing my ringtone and I couldn't stop it,, no one was calling me. i was on my home screen and it just wouldnt stop. I had to shut it down to make it stop, I'm really annoyed and confused.
  • Oh and my phone won't let me download the system update because I don't have enough storage, ll. I am always getting notifications that I'm out of storage space even though I have 3 apps of my choice and 82 photos, I'm really annoyed. This phone was a complete rip off. And when I first got it I accidentally dropped it about 30cm and the whole thing completely smashed, I don't want to pay to get the rip off fixed!! 😤
  • spørgu01 spørgu01

    There is something wrong that is going on with my nokia that is actually a little weird. Whenever my nokia needs charge, the notification sound comes on, right? But its not only that. After the notification sound came on,right after i can clearly hear a baby crying. This is really weird...i dont know if this is in any other nokia phones that do this, because I've did research and i didnt find anything. Im just saying this, i dont want to be the only one expieriencing this.

  • KS2504 KS2504
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    So I've had this noise come from my phone too. I dont know what I did but it stopped for a while then recently it started back up again and it's been driving me up the wall. So I've turned off that NFC which I didn't even realise was on, and also did a system update, which I had been holding off on doing because i didn't have the space, so far it seems to of stopped. Hopefully it will stay this way, I'll update soon if it works.

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    My Nokia 3 has been making an embarrassing awkward noise several times. Sometimes I have to force reboot the phone to stop it.

    It's so frustrating!

    I will see if switching off NFC will fix it. If not, it may well mean total discard. I appreciate soothing technology.

  • Bharath KB Bharath KB
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    What kind of sound did u hear the normal notification sound or something else.

    If it is notification tone that's just because ETWS service provided by the network provider it is used as an early warning system which will pop up the notification sound enormous times without no information but when u are realy near to the natural calamity it alerts u with this .

    To turn off it u can simply search ETWS in setting and turn it off and it just looks like this screenshot

    Screen shot attached

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