charging stops to ~80%

Hello, anyone else having problem with charging?

charging stops to ~80%

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Hello, anyone else having problem with charging?

My Nokia 3 stops charging when it reach about 80%. Been charging over night and in the morning i have 79-81%... I have tried different charger but it's not the issue.


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    I haven't experienced this with my 3 and this might work: let it die completely and then charge it while it is off until it reaches 100%. Then turn it on and charge it again until 100%.

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    Most problem bettery 80% last charging point.
    please help me sir.
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    Dear User 468,Nokia 3 have a totally NEW protection of the battery.How it works:
    IF you connect he phone to the charger and In the same time You Use the internet,the temperature of the battery is increasing,So It Is Trigged the Protection of the battery and the Charging Process Will Be Suspended Untill the TEMPERATURE of the Battery Come to NORMAL.When you connect the phone to charger,DO NOT USE high power consume apps(internet,gps,etc)
    Do not forget :NOKIA 3 is a SMART one .:-)
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    Same answer for User 401.Cheers!
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    So if i want charge to 100% i need to put my phone to freezer over night. Yes, sounds SMART to me.

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    :-)) Please, cool down!
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    My handset won't charge above 80% even with handset turned off. ....
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    Charging stops at 57% ,why its like this..
    Its going on from two days..
    Showing after pluged in the charging port 6 hour 48 mnt to full charge.
    Purchased nokia3 ,1 month ago only..
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    Same problem with mine. Just ant to ask ppl that r u guys running ur phones on android 7.1.1 and security patch 6th November 2017?
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    My phone is not charging after it reaches 84% and I had this issue earlier and I got serviced my mobile from Nokia care before 20 days now again the same problem arises what shall I do
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    The same issue is happening with my new Nokia 8 will stop charging at 50% and will not charge when phone is off. Has anyone got the ideas, I'm not using the phone as I'm charging so heat should not be the problem
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    My Nokia 3 stops charging at this monent at 68%. The device is not overheated at all. I turn it off overnight but the charging stops agains.... If there any case of battery explosion...? Same issue with Samsung Galaxy? Can we take an official response from NOKIA FINLAND???

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    I found out that it just shows the wrong battery percentage - my was acutally 100% charged, despite showing stuck at 68%:

    Try this:

    1. enter recovery mode

    2. Use "wipe user cache"

    3. restart

  • Me too facing this problem at 79% how to solve this today I visited care also they have updated my software..
    Pls give any solution
  • despite showing stuck at 68%:
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    despite showing stuck at 68%:

    charging stops to ~80% NOKIA 3
    Hello, anyone else having problem with charging? My Nokia 3 stops charging when it reach about 80%. Been charging over night and in the morning i have 79-81%... I have tried different charger but it's not the iss...
    Wed, 23 Aug, 2017 at 8:48
  • charging stops to ~80% NOKIA 3
    Hello, anyone else having problem with charging? My Nokia 3 stops charging when it reach about 80%. Been charging over night and in the morning i have 79-81%... I have tried different charger but it's not the iss...
    Wed, 23 Aug, 2017 at 8:48
  • I have the problem charging stops at 81 

    please help me recover from the problem

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    Hi. I had same issue. I let the phone completely discharge itself. Once it had, I charged as normal and it seemed to fix itself.

    Hope this helps.
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    this same problem

  • when charge 80%
    Off charging
  • Same problem me also here
  • Hi every body , I have the solution , mark it as answer please to help others ...
    All solutions :
    SOLUTION 1 ,
    turn off the phone plugin the charger or conect it to laptop hold power and vol-up wipe cache in recovery

    SOLUTION 2 ,
    setting - programs - 3dots - show system apps - battery protection - storage - clear data and restart and try again and again

    just clear battery protection app in not heated state , turn off the phone and format the cache partition , power on the phone , set lcd brightness to max , go to a white screen and wait till battery charge reach 0% and the device automatically turn itself off , then power on the phone and wait to turn off again and repeat 1 or 2 times again , now plugin the charger and wait to fully charge or reach the maximum of it for example 80% and not charge anymore , now power on the phone and FORCE STOP BATTERY PROTECTION APP , wait till done , disconnect the charger and plug it again , the battery magically growing up , wait till 100% , unplug the charger , ------[[[[[ RESTART THE PHONE ]]]] to battery protection app starts again , finally check battery protection to sure , Done.
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    Hello dear friends. Forgive me for bad English. Faced a problem when my Nokia 3 was not fully charged. It happened after an instant discharge in the cold. The problem was solved as follows:

    1) Charge the phone to maximum that it can
    2) Install the Battery Calibration application and start (without charging)
    3) Then reboot the phone and continue charging it. After that the phone will be charged up to 100%. Possibly after a reboot you need to calibrate again.

    Thats all! Please feedback if this helps!
    If you find a solution better, correct these steps! Thank you so much!
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    When 80 percent charge in my phone
    Then stop charging ...??

    how can solve
  • i have the same problem like you an all i do is to let the battery drained ang plug it again and restated to original battery state
  • I had mine hat 55% with 6 hours to fully charge, then I did a WIPE DATA/FACTORY RESET from the RECOVERY/FASTBOOT menu, now the battery is back to 100%


    My Solution

    I had the same problem repeatedly. Nokia 3 did not charge fully but (obviously) stopped at 60 or 70 %.

    After much googling and doing same experiments I found the following solution which worked for me.

    Step 1: Let the Nokia battery drain until Android automatically shuts down.

    (Beware: battery is not yet fully discharged).

    Step 2: Connect original Nokia charger and boot into Recovery Mode (hold Vol+ and On-Button for 30 sec).

    Step 3: Disconnect charger (important), wipe cache partition, and wait in this mode for 2-3 hours until Nokia

    ultimatly shuts down. Now the battery is completely discharged.

    Step 4: Connect charger again, but do not yet start Android ( ! ), let battery charge and wait for 3-4 hours.

    Step 5: When full, start Android the normal way (Hurray) !

    Explanation: The charging problem occurs because Nokia has a smart battery - it detects overheating in charging

    and protects itself. Thats why in such a case the percentage shows only 60% or 70% (although truely it is charged to 100%).

    Draining battery in Android mode does not help because Android shuts down long before the battery truely is empty.

    In Recovery Mode it drains completely and the battery statistics is now resetted (wipe cache partition).

    This procedure is NOT healthy to the LI-ION battery and should not repeated regularly.

    Prevention: The irritating battery percentage occurs when Nokia 3 is charged under warm conditions

    (eg near radiator or when some heavy bachground processes run or with a charger > 2 Amps).

    Then the smart battery sometimes stops at 60 - 70%. So the best prevention is:

    Shut down Android before plugging in the original Nokia charger.

    Hope this helps ...

    Best regards


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