Bugs/Feedback for Nokia 8 Android 8.0 Oreo (January Security Patch)

Hi, I and many other Nokia 8 users would like to give feedback and report bugs on the current firmware which I hope is resolved rather quickly so here I go.

Bugs/Feedback for Nokia 8 Android 8.0 Oreo (January Security Patch)

arron clarke arron clarke
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Hi, I and many other Nokia 8 users would like to give feedback and report bugs on the current firmware which I hope is resolved rather quickly so here I go.

- Glance Feature causes the device to stutter and lag when unlocking the device sometimes and the only solution is to lock it and unlock it again or disable the feature all together (Like I Do)
- No/Lack of Ambient Display for the Nokia 8, This should really be an option for Nokia 8 Users as it would allow them to choose between Glance or Ambient Display depending on their needs/preference.
- When I unlock my phone using my right thumb in my right hand I seem to open the split screen option upon unlocking which I understand is due to part of my thumb being on the Multitasking button while using the fingerprint sensor. (A work around would be to disable the Back and Multitask buttons while the phone is locked until about 0.5 seconds after the device is unlocked)
- Lack of Gallery App for viewing the RAW photos/video that is stored on the device. (I understand that there is Google photos but that means the photos themselves get compressed unless you pay for the 100% resolution after your 15GB Limit so I would like the addition of an actual Gallery app as well.)

- The patch notes need to have more detail as to what is being fixed/added with each update to give us the user a better understanding as to what we can expect to be resolved.
- Last but definitely not least the Nokia 8's Camera UI/APP needs a major overhaul including it's Algorithm and image processing as the current application is very sub par and it holds back the Duel Camera setup of the phone back big time not to mention how clunky it is to use as there is menus for things that shouldn't need a menu and it also lacks proper manual settings for those of us who like to tweak the settings before we take the image.

I would appreciate it if anyone who reads this give it a thumbs up so the post is more likely to be seen by Nokia and HMD Global. If anyone else has any issues or feedback that I have left out please go ahead and add it into the comment section in a constructive way. Thanks in Advance  


  • revanmj revanmj
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    You can use Google Photos app to view local pictures even without enabling sync - simply go to sidebar and choose folders on device or something similar (I have language different than English so can't quote exact label).

    And if you don't like it, you can install any gallery from Play Store. This way they at least don't double apps like many other OEMs.
  • Coleh Coleh
    Issues I've run into:
    On low power mode,the loading circle hits light speed and causes waiting issues with youtube,specifically the 5 second wait to opt in or cancel to watch the next video.
  • jygar jygar
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    Would be worth noting on particular bugs:

    1. Steps taken to reproduce the bug?
    2. Have you don't a reset?
    3. Model Number (TA -1012 etc)?
  • Felix33615 Felix33615
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    You misunderstood the photos app. Don't worry, nothing gets compressed on your device. It's just a viewer for your files stored on the phone. Only what you _upload_ to Google gets compressed on their servers. Nothing changes on your device. One day you'll run out of storage. Then you are free to copy your pictures regularly to your PC if you wish to free up some space. But if you prefer convenience, no other company will give you 15gb for free.
  • arron clarke arron clarke
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    Ah, I have misunderstood how Google photos worked as I've always assumed it uploads all the photos to the cloud servers and compressed them, but that will only happen if i delete the RAW images of my device. Thanks for clearing that up. The rest of my points are still valid though and I would love to hear any other issues people are having in the comment section.

    My device model is TA 1012
    I've tried a reset and these issues still occur (especially Glance) basically the only way I know to explain how to reproduce the issue is to have glance enabled and unlock ur phone by sliding up on the screen as I dont think using the fingerprint sensor causes it (I could be wrong) and it wont happen 9/10 times but when it does you guys will know what I mean.
  •  After the update I can no longer choose screen lock with fingerprint. Fingerprint still works with other apps.

  • I am a Nokia user. After updating my mobile to Oreo, I was unable to use many of the apps, as it was showing that it is not supported here. Then I got the solution at Microsoft Support Australia.

  • HMD has stayed faithful to its obligation of conveying ARCore support to Nokia 8. Today Google included Nokia 8 as one of the new gadgets to get ARCore bolster on the rundown of ARCore upheld gadgets.


    We checked and we could introduce Google ARCore application on Nokia 8 which is a required application for introducing AR applications from Play Store. Download the ARCore application by tapping on the download box beneath

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