Usability improvements

i recently switched from nokia 930 to nokia 8.

Usability improvements

pepepez pepepez
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i recently switched from nokia 930 to nokia 8.

my expectations regarding physical quality have been fulfilled and there are only a few points that can be improved.

but i was disappointed with the setup and configuration of the device.

it took me hours to set up the device so that it was usable for me.

compared to windows phone and ios, android is the last place in terms of usability and user experience.

"pure android" is certainly the best solution for (security) updates, but from the user's point of view it is bad.

my expectations regarding usability were disappointed: i am used to better things from nokia.


i would have expected nokia worthy user onboarding (comparable to the ios setup) to help me set up and use the device quickly and easily. instead, i was presented with a google account setup. (this is ok, but not well designed and not nokia)



overall, i would have expected more nokia and less google. standard android is also used by other manufacturers such as htc, oneplus or lenovo. i think nokia can do better.


nokia's brand name stands for quality and design, among other things. this includes not only very good hardware but also seamlessly integrated software. only in this way can nokia live up to expectations.


here some suggestions for improvement:

complete system:

- nokia improvements (battery management, usability, themes and launcher, etc.)



1. better battery (at least 3300-3600 mah)

2. camera button

3. stereo speakers

4. sunlight readability




1. nokia usability (see nokia n9)

2. a better camera app

3. optimized settings (e.g. one-touch on/off for wifi/data)



  • user1507808215403 user1507808215403
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    OK a bigger battery and better readability and maybe stereo speakers but we don't need extra buttons in 2017.

    No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Nokia must not mess with Android. Keep it clean and pure, just as we like it.
  • madbilly madbilly
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     I agree with the points of the OP. The device setup should make the user feel like "Ooooh, I bought a Nokia, doesn't it make you feel goood!" not, "I bought a Nokia, not a Google".

    All the other improvements should also be there, but if Nokia wants to keep pure Android then it should make all these other improvements available as add-ons via the store.

  • user1507808215403 user1507808215403
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    Adding services via apps in the play store is not a bad idea and much better than baking things into the OS.  The stock Android experience was the only reason I looked at this phone.  HMD have done a good job with the firmware, stock gives the user the best experience possible on Android.

  • madbilly madbilly
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    If HMD are nervous about this approach they could first try issuing them as "beta", like Z-Launcher. There are so many improvements that have been suggested on this forum that it justifies bringing back Nokia Beta Labs so that HMD can quickly prototype and test new features.

  • hughmnyksj hughmnyksj
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    I couldn't agree more about stock Android with optional add-in apps. I've just spent a few years stuck in old versions of Android crippled by a major Korean company's undeletable bloatware.
  • 203 203
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     I agree too.

    As well as quality hardware,  the Nokia name as we came to know it was associated with innovation and comprehensive wide ranging features and functionality. Nokia lead and others followed.

    The Nokia 8 does not entirely follow that heritage. Nokia did not make it's name for producing bland "me too" products with little to differentiate the user experience from a cheap generic.

  • alexkay alexkay
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    I really love Nokias pure Android way and thats the main reason I bought this device. I am really satisfied with Nokias choice of hardware and software combination which runs very reliable without any problems at my end here.
    If one prefers pure Android the only other choice are Google Pixel devices at a much higher price.
    If you prefer a richer feature set build inside Android, I recommend to go to Samsung. No option for me, because I don't like bloatware coming back with every update again and bad implementation of additional features resulting in hangs, restarts and so on.
    Nokia follows Googles philosophy of a pure Android giving a basic and well running OS for everyone which is on the other hand open enough to replace what you want (launcher etc) and add features you like by installing additional apps. Nearly everything people requesting here is available on Play Store.
    If someone needs features like separate camera button, I wonder why they bought this device?
    I like it to press on/off button twice to start camera.
  • user1512596680488 user1512596680488
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    I have to respectfully disagree with the opinion of the OP about stock Android being a downside. If Nokia had jumped to Android all those years ago instead of taking the Microsoft route to nowhere they would probably still  be a global market leader today.

     Coming from Nexus phones but not wanting to pay Pixel prices, I think it is great that HMD/Nokia are providing pretty much Vanilla Android. It is also good that so far security and system updates have been pretty timely. Lets hope that continues and stock Android should help that too..

    t will be interesting to see whether any future Android One phones appear from HMD/Nokia, where you really would get the best of both worlds. Great Nokia hardware with regular updates direct from Google.

  • BuckoNZ BuckoNZ
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    I have just returned to Nokia, with the Nokia 8, after owning two HTC android phones.

    The build quality of the phone is excellent - just what I'd expect from a Nokia. However with the "pure android" it is a little frustrating - it feels less usable and not as intuitive.

    I'm aware that there are apps around to assist with things like this, used before players such as Samsung and HTC, build that usability into their phones.

    Can the members off this group share some the add on apps that they use to assist with usability and what they use them for?
  • mrbelter mrbelter
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     4. sunlight readability

    The Nokia 8 screen is blindingly bright to start with, any brighter and your eyes would melt.

  • BuckoNZ, what do you want to do?
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