Nokia 8 Camera app UI and others.

I am a Nokia lover from many years and having old flagships like Nokia 808 and E71 etc.

Nokia 8 Camera app UI and others.

Faizan Faizan
I am a Nokia lover from many years and having old flagships like Nokia 808 and E71 etc. Since Nokia stopped making phone I switched to Samsung and using it from 2014. Today I bought Nokia 8 64/4Gb after selling my Galaxy s8 for this phone. Many cons I noticed are following ; Camera app is like 20 year old.
No different volumes for notifications, youtube, media, ringer etc.
When phone rings in pocket the screen turns on in pocket.
No notification light.
No AMOLED screen in a high end phone.
End call with power button.
Vibrate when answered or end the call.
No other notifications in always on display.
In box handsfree is very bad quality as compare to Samsung's AKG handsfree.
No themes.
Samsung is moving forward very fast, please guys make your own better android like other companies or I will switch back to Samsung again, Samsung is doing it amazingly. Please make your phone intresting, entertaining.


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    The firmware supplied out of the box with the Nokia 8 is very buggy, join the beta program and request an ota for Oreo 8.1, you'll find it then runs way better. Camera focuses quicker, Bluetooth streaming works without all the audio drop outs, NFC payments work correctly, fingerprint scanner unlocks phone faster. The phone also feels a lot faster and snappier to use. With the camera though it's not going to beat the camera in the S8, this is due to the f-stop on it, Nokia 8 has a higher f-stop meaning pictures in low light won't be so good.

    One of the selling points for me was the fact this phone ran aosp android, meaning it is untouched, so it's as Google intended it like a Pixel / Nexus phone. Manufacturers like Samsung heavily modify Android. I've had their phones and found this frustrating as they pre install things I don't really want and I can't uninstall them. They are also very slow to roll out updates due to their firmwares being heavily modified and usually totally abandon them after around 18 months. Some users like all the extras, others don't I'm one who likes it kept clean so I can choose what I want to install. Give the beta a go I think you'll find your device works a lot better with it.
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    I support you
    1. Not 1 or 2 more more times many said camera is not good where HMD chief juho sarvikas also many times replied their are making good camera UI but recent 8.1 there is no update about camera their simply don't listen
    2. Not sure I think their making navigation lights as notification
    3. When compared to other brands their really need to provide lot of features
    4. feeling irritating because this particular Nokia 8 comes into market by its CAMERA hence I BUYED but it's real it's not good surprisingly still today their didn't fix the issue, I don't know what their thinking FOCUSING just going
    5. I'm not saying Nokia 8 is worst what we pay but seriously their need to work lot especially features
  • Faizan Faizan
    Is it safe to go on beta?
    Because I don't want to lose my data.
  • Perfectly safe, you only lose data if you want to roll back, to a previous firmware.
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    My  blue-tooth wouldn't work well with many of my devices, as a matter of fact not at all with most of them.  8.1 fixed the issue with that for me.  I would like to see an update to the camera.  I have a Lumia 950 and that is the best camera that there is for photos.  I am hoping the Nokai 8 will camera will get updated.  Or at least  maybe the Nokia 9 will have a very good camera.

  • Glad 8.1 fixed your Bluetooth issues, it's the best firmware so far for Nokia 8. Totally agree the camera software needs some work the hardware is capable of more but the software is still letting it down. I've not tried the Google camera APK yet, but people who have say it improves image quality.
  • Faizan Faizan
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    I don't recommend you guys to install any othe camera app. Please force Nokia to make this phone perfect. We spent our big money on this phone in this price we can get a Galaxy s8, one plus or many other phones. I sold S8 just to buy this and nokia disappointed me. Other competitors are making their phones and firmwares much better.
  • bobby r bobby r
    Thanks. I agree the camera needs some work. Does the camera have all it needs except for a software upgrade.
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    I had switched from Windows system to Android system.

    Waited for many months for Nokia to launch phone with Zeiss lens, and finally I purchased Nokia 8 also due to this feature, which is already on my Lumia 730.

    In Lumia 730 the camera is producing decent images.

    HMD/Nokia kindly update the validated camera app as going through the forums I have found users are eagerly waiting for this updation for Nokia 8.

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