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     Snapdragon 800 Arm Architecture Nokia Tablet. Over the last week a Windows update blacked out
    my perfect Nokia 2520 (was updated automatically by Windows.

    The screen
    went black except for flashing wifi and mouse which i can move around
    in the blacked out screen (mouse appears white).I am
    trying to find somewhere in Nokia to get a link to Win 8.1 RT because
    Microsoft will NOT help with Nokia Tablet, even though a Microsoft
    Update blacked it out and hundreds of other people have had this

    I want my Nokia working again, it is in perfect condition
    before update. This is a deliberate act to destroy property to get
    people to buy a new one, I am a welfare dependent pensioner and would
    have to save for one year to buy a new one. I want my Nokia 2520 working
    again sooner than 1 year.

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    Yes, this is a big problem with the Lumia 2520. Microsoft have for some reason ignored their responsibility for support for this tablet, which is unacceptable. My understanding is that you probably need a recovery USB stick, but if you can't boot the tablet then you'll need to find someone online who can share their image with you.

    Just to check, have you tried these steps:

    Otherwise, I think you're stuck unless you can find someone from Nokia who worked on this tablet. The new Nokia Phones business has no legal responsibility and probably no knowledge of the Lumia 2520, sadly.

    Best of luck :)

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    Yes we want NSRT.
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    With more reports of the ADP causing problems with the 7+ it's important that HMD provide this before asking us all to take part in Beta Labs programmes for testing Android 9 for other models.

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    bumping for interest (though I seem to understand that Android itself has a modular nature and that updates to certain services may cause positive results)

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    Definitely I also want Nokia Software Recovery Tool for My Nokia 2 and Nokia 6.1
  • Need Software Recovery tool. Now even Nokia 8 bootloader has also been unlocked so its much needed tool. Even Xiaomi is providing such tools.
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    Well, due to OTA updates of the X7 causing it to brick HMD have apparently released a tool that fixes the bootloader. It doesn't include the ability to flash factory images yet, but it is a good start. I don't have this tool and don't know the link, so can't tell you any more about it.

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     @madbilly I shared the tool link in the X7 post. Waiting for mod approval.

    The tool does no authentication with FIH servers and that's why it is kinda useless. With the abl that it packs, we can even use the Qualcomm Flash Image Loader (QFIL) tool to flash the abl and bring the device back to life.

    I still hope that HMD launches a tool. I guess they aren't to allow revenue to the care center. Because software flashing is an easy money for service points after the device warranty lapses. And majority of issues can be sorted by flashing the factory software.

  • My Nokia 3.1 has stuck on boot loop twice after 2 OTA updates, needing me to go to Nokia Care. Release the firmware files for us. We have paid for the product, so at least the software should be available in some form for consumers, enabling them with restoring their device at homes only.

    I can't even access recovery menu. I'm least likely to suggest Nokia to anyone if this goes on.
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    Yes @ajyotirmay Nokia should provide firmware file with recovery tool for user.

  • This Nokia 5.4 is my first Nokia in many years. Spent just over $200 USD on it and when it arrived I installed a SIM card and managed to get it activated and made a couple of test calls to confirm it was working. Before I got much further in the setup, my father passed away and I was not able to get back to playing with my new phone. When I did get back to the device, I could not remember the Lock Screen PIN code and well............ I'm sure you know the rest of the story.

    I am not a young person and I have had literally 100's of combinations of various brands of devices with many different OS. I have NEVER IN MY LIFE owned a device that could not be FACTORY RESET from a recovery environment. Let's face it. If i forgot my lock screen code, I cannot access Settings to perform a reset.

    I am beyond mad. I live in the US and there are no repair centers near me, and definitely no stores to take it in to.

    I suppose I am forced to mail it in for repairs/replacement but my $200 BRICK was intended to help me get out of a situation with my crappy and expensive Carrier who wants me to keep paying for 5 iphones and 5 lines of service for 6 more months even though my father died, one of the devices was stolen and had no insurance, and a 3rd user stopped paying their share. The other user and I wanted to NOT have to pay over $150 EACH per month for service.

    NOKIA should have to compensate me lol

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    Hi, I am sorry to hear about the loss of your father. I hope you gradually manage to recover from the loss.

    For the phone, call it security or call it the way to extort more money from the consumers, a lot of brands have started disallowing factory reset at the user-end if they do not have a passcode. Maybe the intent is to avoid devices from being wiped without users' consent. To let you know that Nokia is not alone, my OnePlus asks me to enter my Android password when I try to access the recovery mode. If I do not have the password, it doesn't let me go in - and hence I can't reset it. The same goes for Oppo and Vivo. I am not very sure of the remaining OEMs. However, once I tried to reset an iPhone using iTunes and it also asked me to enter the device's passcode to proceed.

    If you would wanna spend a few bucks, I can wipe the device for you over a remote desktop. Else, yes, the only option left is to ship the device to hmd's care partners since there are no walk-in service points in the US.

  • I wish Nokia can introduce a phone that has a twin battery onboard so that if one dies it can still run on the other battery. That way you the phone and charger will last longer