Another new Nokia 8 with random reboots

I've seen a few other posts on here regarding Nokia 8 phones which are randomly and spontaneously rebooting, and I thought that I would share my experiences.

Another new Nokia 8 with random reboots

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I've seen a few other posts on here regarding Nokia 8 phones which are randomly and spontaneously rebooting, and I thought that I would share my experiences.

The phone:

Nokia 8 TA-1012, updated to Android Oreo 8.0.0; bought from Carphone Warehouse online in late December 2017. The phone had been set up from a previous backup (from my Blackberry Priv, running Marshmallow) and hadn't exhibited any problems until the Oreo update came through on 6th Jan, I think.

The problem:

Phone randomly locks up and then reboots - no consistent trigger: can be whilst in use, or whilst sitting unused; can be on charge, or off.

The analysis: 

1) My initial assumption was that there was an app or setting incompatibility that had been carried forwards from the restore, so I performed a factory reset and set up from scratch, and reinstalled the required apps from the Play Store. It still crashed.

2) I removed the SIM, and performed a factory reset and set up from scratch without connecting to wifi so that there were no updates or downloads applied. It still crashed.

3) I got in touch with Nokia support via the online chat, and explained all of my previous steps; their first suggestion was to disable the Glance feature. I'd previously had it disabled as it doesn't work properly (the Glance display does not switch off at night when the phone is untouched/on-charge) but it was still activated after the last factory reset. I switched it off as instructed. The phone still crashed.

4) I got back in touch with support, and they suggested that I try a soft-reset (hold volume-up and power for 12-15 seconds) to clear the cache. This had no effect and the phone still crashed.

5) I removed the microSD card to see if that was causing the problem; nope - the phone still rebooted itself.

6) The next Nokia support tech I got in touch with gave me instructions to change the default GPU renderer to Skia and to then reboot the phone. This had no effect, and the phone still crashed. (Note: I have since spotted that by rebooting, the GPU renderer is set back to OpenGL default, so this was a pointless test; if I set it to Skia and don't reboot then I get lots of graphical glitches, e.g. the Google Photo thumbnails don't display properly)

7) The next support tech suggested that "At this point you can either send it for repair or to make a downgrade which will delete all of your files". When I confirmed that I was happy to try a downgrade and asked for instructions, they said "Sadly, as we don't recommend downgrade I'm not able to send you any steps. But you can find an application in google store". I asked whether this was an official Nokia or Google app to help me find the right one, and was told "If there was I would have recommended it to you". Great.

8) Since then, I have found how to access the safe mode (which Nokia support never mentioned) - reboot the phone and hold the volume-down key whilst booting. It displays "Safe mode" in the bottom left of the screen, and won't allow any apps to run other than those installed as standard. However, whilst in safe mode the phone has crashed again.

9) I've even just tried it in safe mode, with the Skia renderer - a quick scroll through Google Photos showed that the thumbnails were displaying properly - but then quelle surprise! The phone crashed again.

The conclusion:

There are two possible conclusions that I can think of: (a) there is a hardware fault with some phones, or (b) there is an infrequent deployment problem with the update to Oreo. Given that the phone seemed to be working fine before the upgrade, I have to assume that it's the latter - but in either case, it's not what I would expect from a top-tier phone like this, and the support advice that I've received has been utterly terrible.

I'm trying to arrange an exchange from Carphone Warehouse (and that's another battle in itself!) but given that this doesn't seem to be a one-off issue with just my phone, it will be interesting to see if the replacement works any better.

I'd love to hear if anyone else has any other suggestions for diagnostic tests, or anyone has any ideas for how to check for similarities and patterns between those of us who are having this problem...





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    You had a lot of patience and tried really everything you could do!
    If it crashes after factory reset and set up from scratch, there is not much you can do further thus I assume a hardware problem.
    I would give the Oreo 8.1 beta a try as it is a complete new OS replacement (FOTA) and set it up one app after each other (without restoring backups) while waiting for possible crash.
    Another try is a SIM replacement from your provider or try with a different SIM card.
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    What he said above, you either have faulty hardware or something went wrong when Oreo 8 installed. Requesting the beta for 8.1 will reinstall your os and possibly fix it. Other things you could try, if you have an external storage card installed try removing it. Something on it could be causing your device to crash. You could also try removing your aim card and see if it crashes. Failing all this before returning your phone I would factory reset it but don't restore anything from your Google account. Start from scratch and only install the apps you really need and so this gradually so you can hopefully pin it down to something. If it still doesn't work after all this then you have a faulty phone and need to get it exchanged or repaired.
  • Good idea, thanks - I've just signed up for the beta and have received confirmation on my phone that the OTA update is available. Ironically, whilst using SMS Backup & Restore prior to installation, the phone crashed again; I hope that it doesn't crash during the upgrade process as I suspect that could be hard to recover from...

  • AlexKay AlexKay
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    Hopefully not! I press my thumbs for you!
    Faulty SIM cards are rare, but maybe try without SIM inserted...
  • Thanks @AlexKay, but unfortunately it would seem that the pressing of thumbs is not enough to make things work properly. Maybe we need to do a proper controlled experiment where some have crossed-fingers, some, pressed thumbs, etc. etc :)

    The phone crashed whilst downloading the beta update, but fortunately resumed once it had rebooted - and did not crash during installation. Unfortunately, it did crash shortly after installation, and I also tried to use the phone without the SIM card (or microSD) installed and again, it crashed. Not a good sign, and pointing in all respects to a hardware fault.

    Unfortunately I've having the Devil's own job trying to arrange a return with Craphone Warehouse (typo intentional) as they insist that I have to physically return the phone to a store, even though I bought it online. This is not possible or practical given that to do so, I'd have to get a boat or aeroplane and probably an overnight stay to do so. Basically a very poor experience all around, from the phone itself right through to the seller. Big disappointment :(

  • AlexKay AlexKay
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    Sorry for your bad luck! I can't imagine any other problem than a hardware defect. Hope you don't get the impression that lots of Nokia 8 face hardware defects when reading other threads here...
    Mine did not face any problems since I bought it in November. Would have been difficult for me to replace it, too, because I bought it during a connection stop at Dubai airport at an unbeatable price compared to Germany and had only 20 mins left to do some basic hardware checks...
  • AlexKay AlexKay
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    Forget to mention: there is a hidden stock app named "FQC" available to check all of the hardware.
    Just install "QuickShortcuts" from Playstore and search for com.evenwell.fqc.FQCTestItemListActivity to start FQC.

    Once started you can not escape from FQC until you completed all tests and it shows the test summary. At the summary press back button and select "exit" to close FQC. Single tests can be aborted by pressing back button and selecting "failed".
    Running FQC would be a good idea after you got your exchanged device...
  • Another good suggestion, thanks. I couldn't find the right app to download, but used the dialler shortcut instead (enter the phone number as *#*#372733#*#*) and got the FQC test app menu v8.0090.01 on the Oreo 8.1.0 beta. The only ones I couldn't test (due to unavailable accessories) were for Headset/Mic Loopback, NFC Read, OTG, and HallSensor; everything else seemed to pass without issue.

    It's all very frustrating, but hopefully some of this will help other people with similar issues to try and diagnose the problem.

  • AlexKay AlexKay
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    Thanks for the dial code as a shortcut to FQC - did not know that! Much better than my approach, because you see the test menu first instead of running all tests one after each other without being able to escape in the middle.
    Saved the dial code in my phonebook now :-)
  • Just as a follow-up for anyone else who may come across this topic with the same issue, I (eventually, after much battling and arguing on the phone to their 'support' staff) managed to get my phone returned to Carphone Warehouse, and eventually got a replacement phone (although they processed a refund instead of a replacement contrary to my instructions, and I then had to fight to get them to uplift the refund to the current retail price so that I could buy the phone again).

    The new phone has worked perfectly from the get-go - updated through to 8.1.0 with the 1st Feb patch without any issues, and currently reports an uptime of in excess of 310 hours. 

    I couldn't be happier with my Nokia 8* - although I would strongly recommend to all and sundry to avoid the Carphone Warehouse like the plague. I'll never use them again; they're an horrific company who don't care about customers beyond the initial sale, and basically operate on the margins of compliance with the UK Consumer Rights Act - and seem to try and make everything so difficult in order that people give up, and CW don't have to deal with issues. If anyone from Nokia ever reads these things, then I'd sincerely recommend that you review your policy of letting them have a unique version of the phone, as that's the only reason that I went with them.

    * a small white lie; there are a few niggles with the Nokia 8 that I hope will get ironed out, although I'm not overly optimistic:

    1) Glance doesn't disappear when the phone is on charge

    2) The vibration is too sharp/vicious - it would be nice to have a few options to tweak it

    3) I've had a number of calls that haven't come through even though the phone reports a decent signal (and a message from my VM provider came through straight away without me moving)

  • Hey Mark! Ik had the same problem, I contacted Nokia (HMD) by mail and also mentioned that I tried everything. They suggested to send my phone to a service center. Ik did that and my entire motherboard had to be replaced, I even have a new IMEI, so maybe you will have to do the same.
  • Unknown
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    I experienced the same issue: a Nokia 8 rebooting for no obvious reason several times a day. I bought this phone in March 2018 at E Global Center in Hong Kong. The phone was not updated to Oreo yet, however, it started to reboot itself at random. After getting the update to Oreo the issue remained. Gradually I noticed that the rebooting often started after or during taking, viewing or attaching pictures. Not always, but certainly 80% of the time. I thought of the SD card I inserted which contains lots of pictures and video's. I removed this and since then I have not experienced the issue. Two days have gone by now I my phone is free of this constant random rebooting. Maybe not a solution for everyone, but to me it was.
  • Unknown
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    I experienced same problems with my phone Nokia 8.....random restarts. I changed the phone after 3 times in service center and i was very happy....maybe they found the problem. After 2 days with the new one the restarts starts again. I think that the problem is Android Oreo on Nokia phone. Maybe the software is not working with the is the only think i understand after 2 months of using this phone.
  • Unknown
    Have been using the phone for the last 3 or so months, and the regular reboots have stopped - but there are still occasional times when I'll come back to the phone to find that it has spontaneously restarted. Not frequent enough to be intrusive, but troublesome, and very hard to diagnose whether it's a hardware or software fault...
  • dedumotors dedumotors
    From my experience, these cases of rebooting were related with two apps:
    Camera and Pictures (Google)
    It usually happened to me after taking some pictures with the camera, also when entering the Pictures app and editing something or even rotating a photo, because that's actually how my auto-rotation stopped working.
    Anyways, I think this is some kind of compatibility problem, that I hope they will fix in further updates, even if I'm already on Oreo 8.1.0 July update, and nothing was fixed, I really wouldn't change it, even though my auto-rotation just stopped working, and I tried everything they told me and I should go to a service to get it fixed, I really don't know what to do...
  • dedumotors dedumotors
    Eventually, I replaced my phone with a brand new one, and I've been using it for pretty much a week, and nothing happened, even using the camera a lot these days (40-60 photos/day), I did not experience any restart problem, or auto-rotate issue, I think there are lots of faulty phones that somehow passed the quality control test, and went out for selling, because I can't think about anything else...
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