Make Nokia 5 start up silently

May we please find a way to let my Nokia 5 phone turn in in silence?

Make Nokia 5 start up silently

cantoris cantoris
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May we please find a way to let my Nokia 5 phone turn in in silence?

A member has asked this before.

His only solution was to disable all screen locks, which could cause worse problems, and install a third-party app.

Is there a better solution? I work in many situations that need absolute silence. If the phone is off completely, then just knocking the switch sets off the noisy start-up sound.


  • Turn off the volume for ring/notification before restarting.
    Then reboot and you won't have the Nokia tune during the startup.
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    Actually the "Silent Boot"-app does exactly this: silence your phone before reboot and unsilence it afterwards. You can do this manually as well, but this (and the app) didn't work without the lock screen-ceremony.

    The screen locks are not completely disabled with the solution that worked for me. On Reboot I am asked for the phone-PIN and the SIM-PIN. So I don't feel that I lost any security.

  •  Thank you both for your answers. @user490 may I check a detail or two? The "Silent boot" app allowed me a silent restart when I turn off the screen lock, as you said. I understand you have set up SIM card lock to require a SIM-PIN. Does that also require the phone-PIN or can you tell me which option determines that?

    These are helpful workarounds.

    @user1517388136439 Would you mind describing your method to turn off the volume for ring/notification? I press the volume switch, take the drop-down list of sliders, set them all to zero, then, for good measure, request total silence. Unless I also switch off the screen lock and install 'Silent boot' I still get the five-note Nokia noise on restarting. Can you tell me what I am missing? Thank you.

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    I have SIM-card set to PIN and Displaylock set to PIN.

    I usually unlock by fingerprint. Despite of that, after reboot the phone will ask for the PIN .

  •  Thank you. Setting Settings/Security/Screen Lock to PIN instead of the default worked. So much so, it works even without the 'Silent Boot' app, which I have now uninstalled. Thank you, @user490, my phone is now much more discreet but is still reasonably secure.

  • luser1515881342977 luser1515881342977
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    Even setting volume ring to silent I still get the sound on boot, at least with the 8.0.0 beta.

    The point is that we should not have to do this or install an app for this - phones should remain silent during boot, because I doubt there is anyone that wants their Nokia making a loud sound when during boot!

  • I just turn on "do not disturb" from the pull down menu on the home screen before I turn the phone off and then when I turn the phone back start up sound.
  •  As written before:

     "Silent boot" app simply automates this for you.

  • Since the pie update, 'silent boot' app has stopped working, so phone now has the extremely loud and annoying boot sound again. Don't think developer will update app.
    Any other way to mute this sound without all the volume rocker messing around or setting 'do not disturb' before switching off?
    Thanks for any help.
  • I think that Nokia isn't listening to its users or I would say they don't listen at all. If they were, they would figure out that this sound (the boot and turn off) is so annoying and would at least provide a setting to disable it without needing any apps or juggling through "Do not disturb" modes just to have a discrete phone start up or shut off. 
    Nokia? Hello? Are you listening?
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