Not receiving updates (Stuck on August patch) - TA-1024

 I just bought a brand new Nokia 5 on Tesco Mobile. I turned on the phone and it updated to August 2017's patch. Ok great, I thought.

Not receiving updates (Stuck on August patch) - TA-1024

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 I just bought a brand new Nokia 5 on Tesco Mobile. I turned on the phone and it updated to August 2017's patch. Ok great, I thought. I updated and restarted the phone. Since then, I can't update any further. I'm also stuck on Android 7.1.1 as a result of this.

I spoken to Tesco Mobile's support and they said the updates come direct from Nokia and they don't block them. They told me to try Nokia Suite on the PC, but that didn't even recognise my Nokia 5.

Can Nokia offer me any help? I bought the phone for fast updates and I can't even get past August's!

Model: TA-1024. Based in the UK. Thanks


  • RikHS RikHS
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    Nokia Suite is for the old Nokia phones, it won't work with the new Android ones.

    With the October 2017 update to 7.1.2 a serious memory flaw was introduced and there have been anecdotal reports that updates to Nokia 5's that were still on 7.1.1 were stopped. No official word which would have been useful.

    So if you are on 7.1.1 I wouldn't worry too much you have a stable phone at least! After the October update I had to reboot the phone daily to keep it stable.

    Having said all that, since the January 2018 security update I haven't rebooted my Nokia 5 and it's been stable for 11 days now so they may have fixed the problem. Again no information, no confirmation. I hesitate to say it but it looks like the problem might be fixed now.

    If that is the case, and they did indeed stop updates to 7.1.1, then maybe they will restart them once they are sure it's safe to do so.

    We'll see. But they are pushing out monthly updates in general.

  • Unknown
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     I had to erase my phone completely and remove the SIM card, then install the update. Had to do this each time in order to get the update. Very weird. I hope I don't have to keep doing that going forward.

  • DanBoos DanBoos

    I have the same problem with the TA-1053 DS. Bought it mid november it immediately updated itself to security update 6th november and 7.1.2 and then in december and january nothing. Didn't even see the update. Did try a restart, then a factory reset. But the only thing that helped was removing both sim card and do a factory reset - finally it did see the update. Another weird thing is how long it took the phone to reboot after downloading the january update.

    Another time the second sim card stop working and the only thing that did bring it back to life was another factory reset. I'm using a Three 321 pay as you go for calling and a three 24GB/24month for data. Maybe they block it or the phone doesn't like UK sims.

    Luckily I bought at amazon, so I did send it back today. I really liked it, but security updates are a must for me and I don't want to reset it once a month. Hopefully they will fix it.

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