Project treble

Seeing that i.e Huawei is going to include some "old" phones (older than Nokia 8) into "Project treble" gives me the feeling of being cheated by Nokia.

Project treble

moonshine moonshine
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Seeing that i.e Huawei is going to include some "old" phones (older than Nokia 8) into "Project treble" gives me the feeling of being cheated by Nokia. Nokia 8 is at the moment Nokia's "flagship phone", but still there won't be any Project treble on the device.

Nokia initially made some sort of promise to make it possible, then told everyone that it wasn't technically possible - when in fact it is possible.

Nokia, don't try to be Samsung, because It won't work. Show all Nokia users, fans and haters what the company really is: a company that listens to it's users.


  • revanmj revanmj
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    It may be technically possible, but it's risky. You would have to repartition the device and that was always problematic. 

    In the past this was usually done via OEM apps on the computer, not directly on the device.

    In Nokia 8 it's even harder due to use of A/B partition scheme (most partitions are doubled, so you have system a, system b, boot a, boot b, etc.). 

    HMD decided it's not worth the risk of loosing data or bricking devices. I personally think, that they are right as long as they provide will updates in a timely fashion like they do now.

  • alexkay alexkay
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    Totally agree with revanmj. I am happy with background updates thanks to A/B partition scheme. Not sure what the advantage of Project Treble would be, because Nokia has demonstrated that we are always among the first ones who get new Android releases!
  • LennartB LennartB
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    I'm also fine with no Treble if they keep it up-to date.

    BUT the Nokia 8 is not even a year old.

    Time will tell how they handle updates when newer Nokia phones come out running Oreo out of the box (supporting treble). As they will have to put much more effort in the older phones to keep them up-to-date.

    A tool from Nokia to re-partition the phone via PC and thus enabling Treble would be amazing though.. :).

  • moonshine moonshine
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    That is exactly my concern! Until now, Nokia has done a great job, no one can argue with that. My concern is what about two years from now? We will see a lot of devices from Nokia by then - all of these devices with the treble feature. How fast will my Nokia 8 be forgotten?

    Nokia has been talking about a minimum of two years support. Well, that's good! But should I then expect two years and nothing more? That won't do it, in my honest opinion. I can easily squeeze three years out of my phone - maybe more.

    I think the option and the tool to repartition should be given to us. Then we can choose for ourselves.

  • LennartB LennartB
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    Maybe an option after Android P is released and they don't want to bother with future OS upgrades is :

    Give every Nokia 8 owner monthly security updates (shouldn't be too hard) but no future OS upgrades.

    Those who want Android Q; give them a tool to re-partition the phone for Treble.

    Of course no Treble and further OS upgrades will be fine too, but is will be much easier to maintain with Treble.

    C'mon Nokia push forward on this matter! I think a big portion of people buying Nokia phones are into the tech side of it all, seeing it as some sort of new Nexus line-up and are happy to tinker with it, myself included.

  • LennartB LennartB
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    Oneplus  has just released a new Beta for the 5/5T with Treble support, so it CAN be done with an OTA so it seems. 

  • user1530884363520 user1530884363520
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    Well this would work for me just fine: "Those who want Android Q; give them a tool to re-partition the phone for Treble." Personaly, I am fine to take a risk. I bought Nokia 8 as it is a great phone. Many of them were squealing about not being waterproof. For God sake many of us, don't plan to do deep waterdiving. Or camera that is not good under low light condition. Well if you need a quality pics, then buy a fully fledge DSLR camera. What I am concerned and worried, is that Nokia released Sirocco quite fast, which immediately replaced flagship Nokia 8, and they forgot about this phone, putting Sirocco into a focus. Making tool for re-partitioning the phone and opening bootloader would give this phone the full potential and increase a lifespan. I know that you are the enterprise company and you (as any other companies) think of money first, so prolonging lifespan would "hurt" your profit, and it is not in your best interest. But from customers perspective, if you deliberately abandon this line, people will notice and we will damn sure forget any future Nokia phones, as we will consider ourselves to be marooned by Nokia. Good example is Blackberry and their playbook and phones. They got what they've disserved. Far back in the line where nobody knows that they exist still...
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