Software issues

This discussion was created from comments split from: HMD community team introduce themselves.

Software issues

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This discussion was created from comments split from: HMD community team introduce themselves.


  • @HMD_Laura @yani @matteo.m since most of the technical persons are here in this forum thread, I  would like to ask few clarifications as a Die hard Nokia fan and a current Nokia 7 Plus user from India.
    1. The Camera is very poor and I personally feel software is not fully optimised with the Zeiss hardware.its impossible to get a good picture in low light or artificial lighting. Please work on the camera Software updatws and the Image processing.
    2.Why there is no face unlocking features after nearly a year from release.
    3.huge number of bugs after androAn Pie update.
    4.No November update and no bug fixes yet.
    5.Battery is draining very fast after Pie update.

    Hardware is good but software is not optimised and that's where  Nokia is lacking
  • HMDLaura HMDLaura
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    Hi @purna chandra

    Thanks for your post.

    First of all, I split this from the original thread, simply because it doesn't belong in the Introduction discussion. I would appreciate if next time you post this where it belongs to so we can avoid discussions on different topics in one thread.

    Secondly, as we stated in the introductions we are NOT from the technical side and most of us belong to the Marketing/Communications team, because this is a peer to peer community not a support community. So all we can do is forward your feedback to our R&D (which we are doing on regular basis) and ask you to be patient since our teams are really working hard to provide an excellent Nokia experience. 

    Best regards,

  • todesurteil todesurteil
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    @HMD_Laura I have a issue with my Nokia can you help me please when I press the power button my device switches on and when I press it again it switches off. I don't understand why this is happening can you help or refer it to technical support?  :o:D It must be a software issue. Although I don't have Android pie yet I think it might be a Android Pie issue  :D
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