Nokia 5.1 plus screen freezing

Please can anyone help how to resolve the screen  freezing issue in Nokia 5.1 plus

Nokia 5.1 plus screen freezing

manzoor khan manzoor khan
 /  edited December 2018
Please can anyone help how to resolve the screen  freezing issue in Nokia 5.1 plus


  • dharmendra dharmendra
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    I am also facing the same issue. Please reply.
  • Bought mine 4 days ago and it's screen freezes
  • nirman nirman
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    That is not screen freezing that's app crashing/freezing pie has some issue as it has not been optimised well and has some menory leaks.
  • So what can we do or what is the way forward from Nokia
  • Same with me too. I have formatted my phone several times. Screen still hangs
  • Arshednit Arshednit
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    Only way to solve this problem is to replace your phone's screen. I had this problem i replaced screen by using warranty. Now phone is working perfectly fine
  • If I can buy Nokia in future, I will be crazy , this f*kn cellphone reaches my destination, it can't play DStv even for more than 3 minutes, then it freezes and after 2 minutes it says the phone has stopped, closed the app

    I am fed up 😠😠😠

  • shockerash shockerash
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    Probably its because of memory leaks. Just restart your phone once in two days. I have this phone for about one and a half months now and thats how I'm surviving with it.

    You can check memory usage data and share here.

  • jdi000 jdi000
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    Why not restart you phone everyday? Some apps seem to having issues, buy this is app specific, my 5.1 plus runs for days and has zero memory issues. Look at memory usage and see which apps are using so much memory, and reboot phone daily

  • Fatihkan Fatihkan
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    Not memory leak or some software issue. It's an assembling fault. The glue material they used behaves like a tissue and touchscreen layer detects this material as a finger or skin tissue. Just disassemble the screen completely and clean all the glue material then glue it again. Your freezing problem will be solved permanently. Just trust me. Mine is working perfect after this operation.

  • Fatihkan Fatihkan
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    Disassemble your screen and reassemble it. But clean all glue material and use another glue brand. It can be solid glue or liquid. It doesn't matter but just make sure glue material shouldn't cover all the edges completely. This is gonna solve the problem.

  • Rito Gomez Rito Gomez
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    Hola alguien me pasa fotos del cargador original del 5.1

    Necesito saber si amperaje y voltios

    Me lo robaron me urge

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