build quality concerns

hi, the screen glass on my new Nokia 6 brought from amazon india, has developed cloth scratch/smudge mark within 3 weeks of use.

build quality concerns

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the screen glass on my new Nokia 6 brought from amazon india, has developed cloth scratch/smudge mark within 3 weeks of use. i ensured proper care while carrying the phone in pocket so as to not to keep coins or keys along with phone. the smudges suggests cloth marks and are permanent. for a Gorilla glass screen it should not get such damage. can i claim warranty?


  • I use my Nokia 6 carefully. Unfortunately it is noticed today that the screen glass is broken in a corner. Can l claim warranty. I bought it on 8th October 2017.
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    Sand in the pockets is much worse than coins and keys.
    I used to work as machinist, and the tungsten carbide dust from grinding stones in the pocket lining would scratch everything.

    Wear & tear and mechanical damage is not covered by the warranty.
    Please refer to


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    Gorilla Glass, is  damage-resistant, not damage-proof.  It is mostly  a catchy name for marketing purposes.

    For example, here is one of tests by Corning themselves:  so, for breakage, as many as 20% of Gorilla Glass 5 screen will fail this test. On the video they themselves speak about damage-resistant, not damage-proof and  scratch-resistant, not scratch-proof.

    To make such claims as "Gorilla glass screen it should not get such damage" with or without having in-dept experienced and in-depth knowledge about the issue is naive, and worse, it has the effect that other people are mislead into adopting such a naive belief as well.

    All materials on this earth will scratch and break, it is only the question of the severity of the stress.  And for a manufacturer, an improvement from 1 units of stress to 1.000001 units of stress can be greatly exiting and worth of a global marketing push.

    I have always been using screen protection sheets, they do not disturb me. I would be disturbed, very much so,  if I had to have the screen changed because of a nasty scratch, such repair costs like 3/4 of the price of a new phone.  

    And after the change of a glued screen, the device (any device that has a glued screen) is no longer as reliable as it was before the change. More invasive work will factually result in decrease of the reliability. This is a fact, not an opinion.

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    I recommend watching a video on YouTube:
    Nokia 6 Durability Test - Scratch, Burn, And BEND tested. Showing what Nokia 6 will last.
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