Is it possible for Nokia 3 android Q upgradation? Please tell me!

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  • user1542310895687
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    Nokia 3 was released with Android N, sadly Android P will be the last upgrade for it.
    Yes is true.
  • Appu Mali
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    Not it isn't get the q update, bcoz 2 years of is update promise completes with android pie updae
  • supradip
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    Ok, Nokia needs to development of their brand values. Build your own Custom UI and give Flagship specifications with affordable price for every people. Nokia is very slow to launch their phones, such like Nokia 9 Pure View it was launched one year old processor SD 845 in the era of SD 855+ . People are so intelligent in technology now! So launch best valuable phones with own Custom UI, release Stock android partnership. This partnership downgrading Nokia future. Because Stock android smartphones are exactly same in user interface not so cool and not extra features included for helpful to the people. All smartphones are looking same in UI. So people are want not wait to buy second Nokia phone after first one.

    My suggestion to Nokia that

    1) Build Own Custom UI

    2) Give Latest Processor

    3) Compete with competitor

    4) Watch market situation which thing is more hype

    5) Launch phone quickly capture market before so late

    6) Don't destroy Nokia names

    Best selling smartphone brands in India are: [Xiaomi Redmi, OPPO Realme, Samsung, OnePlus, OPPO, VIVO, Apple]


  • steve
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    We haven't even got android pie yet 😆 I'm not even sure if Nokia 3 can handle that one yet 
  • Android Pie will be the last OS upgrade for Nokia 3. But, you will still get a extra year of security patches from Google. 
    Since, this is the last OS update for Nokia 3, I would really want them to end the software support for this device on a good note. I would want them to really work hard and make the update bug free and somewhat perfect as possible.
  • At this point I'm wondering if updating to Pie is a bad idea, I worry Nokia will leave us stuck on a buggy version of Pie when the updates stop after two years.