Nokia 8 Touch Malfunction issue

Here is a problem that is tormentimg me since last couple of months.

Nokia 8 Touch Malfunction issue

chintz chintz
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Here is a problem that is tormentimg me since last couple of months.

The touch seems to work fine when in contact with a electrically conductive medium( including human touch). But as soon as it is placed on an insulated/non-conducting surface( for eg. bed, sofa ,cloth etc) it starts to malfunction(inconsistent touch registered). It becomes almost impossible to operate the mobile properly.

For this, I have been visiting Service center so many times lately that some of the people might even be thinking that either I work there or own that service center! They have replaced my touch screen twice but all in vain.When I visited this time they just surrendered and said that there is nothing more they can do.I even requested for replacement of device but it was refused too.

Has anyone experienced the same issue?If so,how did you resolve it?

Please help!


  • I have the same issue. I've had it since I got the phone more or less. Really annoying. Especially because I like this phone so much otherwise.
  • Remove the screen protector

  • chintz chintz
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    @Harrivain @Renato castro yes ...This problem comes with a tempered glass...Try using a normal soft tpu kind of screen guard.
  • marsic marsic
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    Given that the gorilla glass 5 on it is more resistant to shatter and less resistant to scratches, I wouldn't risk having a soft plastic screen protector. As annoying as that faulty behaviour is, I prefer having the glass screen protector (I'm at the second one right now, but they offer better protection, I'd say).

    At the very least I hope HMD has learned from its mistakes and won't repeat it the future. If they have a future...
  • I have same issue but it only appear at gaming. I tried to do anything (even factory reset) but nothing work. Help!!
  • Tony Joseph Thomas Tony Joseph Thomas
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    I jiT love my. Nokia 8 sirocco.. But the touch screen does not respond now.. I tried. Reseting the phone cold boot did not fix the problem. Works temporarily until the phone updates and stuffs with apps.

    Fine me a solution please

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