[Moved] Nokia 7 Plus battery draining

Hey everyone!

[Moved] Nokia 7 Plus battery draining

Dávid Kovács Dávid Kovács
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Hey everyone!

Am I the only one who noticed a weird issue where my battery just randomly started draining like crazy (basically didn't even pick the phone up while in work and when I left after just about 8-9 hours it drained about 70-80% on a one week old phone). I looked at the battery usage and the app that was using the most was Google Play Services with something like 15-20% and even higher than that was mobile data standby. Why? I thought that mobile data standby was supposed to drain the phone less than using wifi, or was this just true for older phones? Did I get a bad battery with my phone?

Any help appreciated!


  • I turned off better location accuracy, this might help but not sure yet, just did it (after again my phone lost about 10% charge with barely any use after one hour). Also for me barely any use actually means that I have the screen turned on for about 5-10 minutes per hour.
  • Dávid Kovács Dávid Kovács
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    I did some waiting around with accubattery running, that app shows that the phone after about 1 and a half hours uses 10% per hour with the screen off, which is unacceptable (if I leave my phone like this for the night as we are now it will be dead by morning). I turned off mobile data now, will check on it in 1-2 hours to see if per hour battery drain went down.
  • Since Nokia 7plus got upgraded to Pie, battery is getting drained like anything. Adaptive battery should be turned off and it helps slightly.
  • hoc hoc
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    I seem to notice battery consumption is higher if USB-OTG is in use even if no reading, writing or file transfer taking place. So that can be a cause for reduced battery life. Therefore best to unplug USB-OTG as soon as not needed instead of leaving it plugged in on standby for 'convenience'. 
  • Michaelmaged Michaelmaged
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    Is there  near software update to stop battery drainng 
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