Wrong SIM tray

I was excited to have received my Nokia 8 this week, until I've realised, I can't use the second SIM...

Wrong SIM tray

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I was excited to have received my Nokia 8 this week, until I've realised, I can't use the second SIM...

The phone came with the wrong SIM tray... Single SIM, instead of hybrid... 


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    It depends which market you got the phone from...if Asia Pacific, India and some parts of Europe like Spain...it is very likely Nokia 8 will be a two sim variant...but latin America and UK are more likely to be single Sim. HMD in the support page for Nokia 8 clearly stays about the sim tray depends on whether the user purchased a single Sim or a dual SIM variant
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    Thanks for the reply
    The guide that comes with the phone (UK market), has clear pictures, of a Hybrid tray, and how to place the 2nd SIM so, it all points out to the wrong tray coming with the phone...
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    I've got the same issue mate, it quite clearly states on nokia website: SIM slot 1 nano-SIM slot + 1 nano-SIM or 1 MicroSD card slot.

    And i definitely have the wrong tray. I used the online chat but that wasn't much of a help as someone kept suggesting i'm trying to put a sim card on top of a sd-card, blah blah blah

    I read there was a similar issue with nokia 6 when in Fin;and and Russia people were getting the wrong tray.

    I also have the guide that comes with the phone that clearly shows a hybrid tray and shows a way how to place 2 sim cards.

    It doesn't even mention there could be a single-sim  variant.

  • Also, on the back cover of my phone it says its a TA-1012 model, if you google that then you'll find quite many sources saying that TA-1012 is the dual sim variant

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    So my question now is, what do we need to do, to get this rectified? Clearly HMD Global has a track record for shipping phones with the wrong trays (Russian and Finnish markets) but, no one seems to be stepping up to the plate, to resolve this. Went to Carphone Warehouse today, to ask about this, and they shifted responsibilities to Nokia. I just want my problem sorted but, unfortunately, don't have any reliable contacts to use...
    Let's try and draw some attention to the subject

  • I got mine from Carphone Warehouse too, spoke to them and I got pretty much the same response

  • Nokia customer care just confirmed that my phone is a single sim version, based on the IMEI of my phone.

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    What contact did you use?
    If mine is not dual Sim, I'll probably return it...
  • i sent them an email, because live chat was just pointless. The email form didn't work on the website, I kept getting an error message,so I had to use the live chat again to actually get the email address It's [email protected]

    Yeah, I'll be returning mine too.

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