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When you reboot the phone, when playing the bootable Nokia tune, you can also hear crackling and noise



  • When you reboot the phone, when playing the bootable Nokia tune, you can also hear crackling and noise

  • DibyaXP DibyaXP
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    Please can you tell if you can listen to music atleast again ?
  • DibyaXP DibyaXP
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    Can I atleast watch YouTube again? After update with Dolby.
  • Poor audio quality after oreo update.

    Lots of hissing and some crackling.

    Sound was great in nougat. 

    What went wrong, devs?

  • fahad fahad
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    Got the Oreo 8.1.0 update today. Slightly increased my phone's volume which was barely audible after the March update
  • DibyaXP DibyaXP
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    Hi does sound quality improved after update?
  • It didn't. The update didn't fix anything related to the Dolby
  • anthojay anthojay
    On 8.1, hissing sound still there, not fixed.
  • anthojay anthojay
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    The support chat told me to wait for end of this month which is april patch. April patch will fix it.
  • I hope the April update fixes it. 8.1 didn't fix it, as others have said
  • DibyaXP DibyaXP
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    I am waiting for April update.
    Does Oreo 8.1 improved anything ?
  • I've only noticed a few new bugs. Phone lock sound is loud and is not affected by volume settings, the same goes to alarm sound. Couldn't find anything in the settings to fix it.
    The alarm also didn't ring today for the first time ever. I woke up earlier so I knew it's gonna ring, so I picked up my phone, pressed unlock button and alarm started ringing immediately, but it was 3 minutes late
  • I have Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 both models.Nokia 5 is updated to latest oreo 8.1 update and good thing is nokia 5 does not have any sound issues(It is perfectly good which has no noise or crackling sound at all volume levels is low to high).But when it comes to Nokia 6 it is very bad with Oreo update which has same noise or crackling noise even with latest Oreo 8.1 update. I think Nokia is fooling us with not rectifying sound issues.Nokia please read my review and help Nokia 6 customers.I appreciate loud volume levels but also it needs to be rock solid and noise/Crackling free.I am a Nokia Fan.Hope someone look at this problem.

  •  I was planning on getting this phone for this feature (among others), but I'm glad I came upon this thread while researching. This is really unfortunate. I will wait 2 weeks and follow this thread to see if they fix it, but if they don't I'll buy one of the other phones I've been looking at.

  • After oreo 8.1 update the quality of dolby atmos is very good (Surround effect) but there is little distortion in sound and also hissing/cracking sound is not yet solved.But overall 8.1 update brought some excellent ui changes to nokia 6.Also battery backup is improved a lot when compared to 8.0 update.So hope nokia fixes sound issues and also punchy bass is not present please add equalizer support to nokia 6. One more thing Nokia 6 is only smartphone to have dolby atmos with stereo speakers in nokia android phones.Latest nokia 6 2018 does not have stereo speakers which is very dissapointing. Hope nokia rectifies original nokia 6 sound issues in april update.performance is very good on oreo 8.1 (Smooth and fluid)

  • DibyaXP DibyaXP
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    Any camera improvement?
  • DibyaXP DibyaXP
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    Someone Nokia improve camera.
    Your camera hardware is awesome but your camera app is useless.
  • Camera has improved a lot.It takes photos faster and hdr mode is also fast.But i was expecting the pro camera app but unfortunately still no pro camera app.But overall Camera is faster and image looks sharper and color reproduction is improved.But i need full camera software like on lumia phones.

  • Para los que preguntan, no es falla mecanica, es un error en la actualización a Android oreo, se puede desactivar el Dolby y el audio que con calidad normal pero con poca potencia, el error fue solucionado con la actualización a Android 8.1, Dolby funciona perfectamente no se angustien, esperen la actualización, mi TA 1025 ya actualizó y mejoró bastante
  • Dear Nokia,
    Using Nokia6 from last 6 months.Everything was going in good order.

    But after receiving 8.1 Oreo Update ,the same problem, low-quality sound, loud-speakers hiss and crack.

    Tried everything, factory restore, turned off dolby, safe mode restart and also contact nearest service center but nothing happened.
    I love Nokia but this stage i am totally disappointed.

    Please resolve this issue in next update.Thanks. 

  • DibyaXP DibyaXP
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    You Nokia return me my money and take your **** sound quality away . What joke you are doing with us . Fix the sound quality . Otherwise I will leave you.
    Finding a buyer for this crap.
  • Same problem for me after Oreo 8.0 and 8.1 updates ... 

  • DibyaXP DibyaXP
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    Please someone can contact Nokia support team when they will provide us fix .
  • petrus petrus
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    After updating Android 8.1 it is heard an improvement in surround sound with the dolby atmos but still remains a problem with hissing and cracking.
  • Today i got april 2018 security update for my nokia 6 but sound issue is not at all solved,Same hissing noise.I had lot of trust on nokia since from lumia days. HMD are you listening.Please don't spoil nokia name and trust.Please release a fix for sound issues on original nokia 6. Otherwise  revert back to nougat rom and release security updates for nougat rom instead of giving us new crappy OS.Hissing noise is really irritating me as i am unable to enjoy movies on dolby atmos with this strange hissing noise. Regarding Sound department engineers at nokia they suck as they don't no how to fix these issues. We need pure noisefree dolby atmos on nokia 6 like on nougat rom. HMD and nokia please go through this thread once,you will come to know the problems related to sound.

  • frniek frniek
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    Had the volume problem since Oreo 8.0 update. Yesterday's 8.1 update made it worse. The quality of the sound is good, but way too loud. There is very little difference between minimum and maximum volume. When Dolby is switched off, the volume control turns to normal, but then the sound is of course a bit flat.
    For the time being I will have to leave the Dolby off, otherwise the sound scares me and the people around me every time there is a message or an email coming in.

  • In my case, the bottom speaker stopped working after the update in Feb..Has anyone else faced the same issue?
  • DibyaXP DibyaXP
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    I got following reply Nokia. I believe they were not aware of issue.
    Thank you very much for contacting Nokia Mobile Care and for your feedback!

    We understand your disappointment!

    We would like to inform you that your feedback will be forwarded to the relevant development department! We appreciate it!

    We hope that the above information is useful.
    Any other question you may have are always welcome. Please feel free to contact us again.
  • canol canol

    I have the same issue. My minimum sound levels are unbearably loud. I cannot use my alarm anymore since it is annoying to be waked up by such a loud alarm. And every other sound is also too loud as well. I couldn't hold the phone to my ear while speaking to someone over WhatsApp, I hold it like 5cm away so that my ear was not damaged. By the way, it was very loud after 8.0, but it got insanely louder after 8.1 update.

  • Today contacted nokia chat Support and I got the Answer as

    Thank you for contacting Nokia Mobile Care team!

    I'm deeply sorry for the issue that you're experiencing. We are aware of it and looking forward to solve it with the next security patch.

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