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Chethan, are you really on april patch? Because my ta-1021 in malaysia still didn't get any news of april patch yet...



  • anthojay anthojay
    Chethan, are you really on april patch? Because my ta-1021 in malaysia still didn't get any news of april patch yet... From what i think, Nokia is aware of it, but since stock android relies heavily on google for update, google has yet to help Nokia on this problem. It's just my thought.
  • Bueno para los que preguntan, Nokia no se ha comunicado de forma oficial sobre la falla ya que aparentemente no son todos los dispositivos que han tenido este problema, en mi caso mi ta-1025 no presentó problemas con el sonido, con la actualización a Android 8 había muy poca diferencia con el volumen máximo y el mínimo, luego con la actualización a 8.1 se solucionó ese detalle, pero la calidad bajo un poco en algunos, según la aplicación de Nokia, el problema se solucionará en la próximo parche de suguiridad y pues si estan trabajando en ello debido que al Nokia 6 (2017) no han lanzado el parche aún, el cual ya está disponible para los demás modelos, pero le está integrando la solución para Dolby
  • I can confirm that I am on April 2018 security update with build 00A0_5_600.I am having indian variant TA-1021
  • @Chethan I also use TA-1021
    I've contacted them early March via Twitter and suggested to chat the Nokia Care team
    and have the same answer from them, what I expected this problem solved from March Patch it never happened.
    I'm really disappointed
  • Mine solve after March patch that come with Oreo 8.1 update that include March patch that release almost end of March. 8.1 should fix it.. now im on April patch with build number 00WW_5_580_SP01.
  • anthojay anthojay
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    @Chethan, yes I just received april patch and same s**t once again, they screwed up this fk*i*g problem until now. I would like to draw a summary to this problem. First, I am very sure that nokia team knows this problem. However, in every support chat they just tell us the same thing which is to wait for the fix. Second, whether we will get the fix soon or not, we'll just have to wait and see if our fate with this phone could get us fixed. The lifetime of me buying and using this phone, half of it has been damaged by this audio bug. Poor nokia, real poor.
  • canol canol

    I just received April security patch and can confirm that it did NOT solve the sound problem. It is still extremely loud. The phone is unusable with volume even on lowest setting. I can only use it with the volume completely off, this is very annoying.

  • With the 8.1 Oreo update the sound on my TA-1021 was better (than with 8.0), but not as good as it was in Nougat.

    Today may phone has done the April Fix (00WW_5_580_SP01) and the buggy sound is back... :-(

    It's a shame, Nokia!

  • DibyaXP DibyaXP
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    Please everybody email Nokia team. For five months we are left with this bug . Now bug is more worser with April update.
  • If they don't fix this in may 2018 security update then may be it has hardware defect I think so common for every Nokia 6 2017. Waiting for fix from Nokia and hmd.Bad from such a trusted brand. Nokia are you listening.
  • fahad fahad
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    While everyone is complaining of their phones being too loud, I'm having an entirely opposite issue and I wonder are there others like me too.
    My phone, since the November update has been giving sound outputs, lower than when I bought my phone: both Low volume levels and low sound quality which not at all sounds like Dolby (Bass-less basically). Then with the February update, even with Dolby theatre mode on, and volume set to maximum, the sound volume got even lower on the speaker, sometimes to levels that it was inaudible and I started missing alarms and calls. The March update was much better that fixed the speaker volume issue a bit and both the sound volume and quality improved, but not to the levels they were initially when I bought it in August.
    And then came the **** April update, that bugged up things again. Now, the speaker output is low again, Dolby On or Off doesnt make a difference usually. When I plug earphones out, and leave Dolby Theatre Mode On, the sound would go down to inaudibly low levels. It's almost no ringtones or message tone sounds then. Switching Dolby off fixes it a bit by raising the volume a little higher, but it's so bassless then. The only solution sometimes is a reboot, when the sounds will return to hearable levels after restart with Dolby On, sometimes even not so. Then the only solution is force shutdown by hopding Volume Up and Power button and then manually switching the phone back on.
    I wish, May update fixes things up a bit.
  • my nokia6 ta-1021 also having the same volume issue. if i put the ring volume to first level still it is ringing very loudly. But some times the sound not coming even i increase the volume. Please let me know if there is a fix. 

  • anthojay anthojay
    @Chethan, how can this be a hardware defect when it's spoiled during oreo update, and how could it be possible that every nokia 6 2017 user speaker spoil at the same time? Even nokia themselves admitted they need a fix
  • DibyaXP DibyaXP
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    It is impossible to be hardware failure.
    Please everybody contact Nokia again and again . Raise your voice.
  • I was just guessing what might went wrong with sound. that's it .Hope nokia fix this soon.Also i have checked with nokia 5, Nokia 8. None of them have this problems.Only nokia 6 have this problem. And also surround 3d effect was good on nokia 5 compared to nokia 6 after oreo update. Please nokia  give a good quality dolby atmos effect.

  • DibyaXP DibyaXP
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    April update broke the sound again. Someone please ask them to release a fix . I am becoming restless.
  • DibyaXP DibyaXP
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    Any one contacted Nokia about inconvenience caused by April update?
  • after oreo 8.1 update loudspeaker volume is
    very low, also if i use other headphones, volume automatically goes down and phone goes on DND mode.
  • DibyaXP DibyaXP
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    I will make a Twitter account today to protest . Please everybody do the same.
  • Erm.. mine still working fine without any problem after 8.1
  • nCogNeato nCogNeato

    The only way Nokia will stop ignoring this issue is if we make it impossible for them to ignore it.  Go to https://goo.gl/JjPVy9 to send Nokia a preformatted tweet.

  • Manus Manus
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    Can someone please upload a video of bad audio quality of Nokia 6 to the YouTube etc?
    My Nokia 6 notrification sounds are so loud but I can't tell something for theatre mode on Dolby Atmos; well it's loud for sure but sounds balanced, there's a little hiss when I played videos that has low volume without the Dolby and I think that hiss occurs because Dolby Atmos increase the volume and bass level significantly.
  • Una solución para los que tiene problemas de Audio, pueden hacer lo siguiente, colocar el volumen al máximo, colocar a reproducir una canción, bajar el volumen a 0, desactivar Dolby, subir el volumen nuevamente, si desea activar Dolby, bajar el volumen a 0 nuevamente y luego activarlo, está solución le a funcionado a varios amigos, espero les ayude, soluciona el control de volumen
  • Confirmed, lowest sound is way to loud and full of hisses.
  • DibyaXP DibyaXP
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    Waiting for a fix still now. Now I can just wait.
  • anthojay anthojay
    Sadly for us nokia 6 users, we could wait for forever. Nokia seems like ignoring us in the support chat and just act like there's nothing about the audio issue at all. Thumbs down for you nokia!
  • DibyaXP DibyaXP
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    Guys my mom has Nokia 6 too. After April patch camera UI of my mother's phone is changed but not mine . Both are TA 1021 .
    It became like Nokia 6 (2018) camera app without pro mode .
    Any one can confirm if something wrong with me ?
  • petrus petrus
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    If they can not fix it for so long, let us make a quick choice or a gesture to turn the dolby on or off.
  • Turning off Dolby resolved the issue of the minimum volume was too high for me
  • I have noticed that after using a headphone or something plugged into the 3,5mm jack, the volume of the internal speaker is randomly changed (even if the volume setting remains same as before). Can anyone comfirm this behavior on the TA-1021?

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