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It's fascinating how this thread is still alive for almost a year, and still without the fix.



  • It's fascinating how this thread is still alive for almost a year, and still without the fix. I've already gave up on this issue but thanks to Chethan and Karthick for keeping here alive. I'll only wait until android pie update, if it still doesn't fix the hissng sound then it seems our fate with Nokia will end here.
  • chethan chethan
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    Yes still I have a final hope on android pie. If android pie doesn't fix these issues then goodbye to Nokia. Still I am with my Nokia 6 2017 because device build and design is so good and also it has excellent display and camera hardware.Only things which are irritating me is sound issues and too basic camera software. Hope Nokia reading this. Loosing hope on Nokia but there is a little hope on android pie with all bug fixes.
  • U r right Mr.Chetan... but I'm looking for if any updates in Nokia6 first gen, by minutes by minutes there's no any update still [email protected] today... From this conversation Nokia needs to look on this issue and while compare to Nokia3 1st Gen it too having good Sound while it doesn't have Dolby Atmos think so
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    Absolutely right chethan, nokia 6(2017) is the only model that deserve to carry the nokia name. True sturdy aluminium body, superb 16:9 display, hardware navigation key, front fingerprint, stock android, and most importantly the stereo speaker with dual amplifier. Sadly they only nailed it once lol!
  • Always waiting for Update by solving this issue ... Thanks to Anthojay.... Let's keep this conversation alive
  • chethan chethan
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    Today again I contacted chat support. I told them critical sound issues about Nokia 6 software problems and they agreed with and to my request they told they will forward my chat to related developing team of Nokia 6 2017.Also they told that android pie for Nokia 6 2017 is under progress and they assured me they will ask developers to look into the issues before android pie rollout. Let's see what happens next.
  • Does it get worse from 8.0 to 8.1? Im still on 8.0 and im looking to update
  • Do u registered in beta Oreo lab then do First and wait for 12 hours then check setting and look on update keep u r WiFi networks stable and clear
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    Android 8.1 has good battery backup.But sound nothing has changed. Low ringtone volume when Dolby Atmos is on. Same noise issues
  • The only thing that i notice is that calls over WhatsApp got a bit louder and over sim a bit lower... Nothing drastic
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    Hi all, Today I upgraded my Nokia 6 2017 to android pie. One good news is that the noise issue with Dolby atmos  is completely solved and now sound is pure noise free. But in pie update Nokia 6 2017 , the bass effect has become worst and also there surround effect is not so impressive . but good news is there no hint of noise even at full volume. Hoping 9.1 brings best bass and surround tweak for nokia.Please let me know about sound quality after the update.
  • After upgrading to 9, the problem with the sound is not solved, the hiss is left, it is checked easily - turn on and off the music and listen to the speaker
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