UK Owners - Updates?

Aimed at UK owners but interested to see who's got a Nokia 7 Plus and what updates you've received? Both myself and my partner have the 7 plus (both TA-1055)

UK Owners - Updates?

benw1991 benw1991
Aimed at UK owners but interested to see who's got a Nokia 7 Plus and what updates you've received? Both myself and my partner have the 7 plus (both TA-1055)

I'm still on 8.1 with August Patch. Sim card is with Three
Partner is on 8.1 with October Patch. Sim card is with BT Mobile


  • Red5 Red5
    I'm still on thd August security patch and stuck on Android 8.1 my sim is 02 but I have tried to update with an EE sim and stil nothing. I really bought this handset on the promise of fast updates being as it is an android one device, don't think I will trust Nokia again as this is not what I expected. My handset was bought sim free outright. 
  • benw1991 benw1991
    Same as ours, both from Argos. 

    Not happy at all. Support are beyond useless and even tweeting various people still gets ignored. 
  • Same for me, I bought it at JL and I am on Giffgaff and still android 8.1 with August security...
    I bought this Nokia because it was an Android One...
  • Red5 Red5
    It's a completely unacceptable situation as far as I'm concerned, Google ought to be concerned about the lack of updates for a new Android one phone as it has the potential to damage their brand also. Five months with no security updates is unacceptable. 
  • I did not have any updates on that, PIE I had to install manually and update November anywhere. Very bad access from Nokia to TA-1055 probably will not update anymore. Czech Republic T-MOBILE.
  • trveller72 trveller72
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    In Ireland (ROI), with Three.
    Bought the phone from Amazon Germany.
    I had to manually update to 8.1 (from 8.0, I think it was in May)
    Also I had to manually update to 9.0 Pie in Sept.
    I got all the other updates OTA.
    I am not sure that is only HMD to blame. Still confused how the OTA works. It comes from Google servers apparently. Also needs carrier approval.
    Lots of people in UK had issues with OTA. They reported that swapping the EE SIM to another carrier (using Pay as you go SIM) did the trick and got the updates straight away.
    What is strange though, is the fact that HMD is releasing 2 different OTA's, one for the 8.1 firmware and one for 9.0 firmware.
  • TA-1055 on GiffGaff
    Android version: 8.1.0
    Security patch level: 1 August 2018

  • On Three Network in Republic of Ireland. TA-1055.

    Received Pie update at end of October. Received November security patch plus software upgrade v3.39B today.

    No point blaming HMD. The networks are the ones who delay the updates.
  • Red5 Red5
    I bought my phone sim free independent of any network so I would be  interested to know how the network influences  how I get my updates?

    Is this the same for all manufacturers? 

  • I do not know what to think now, when updates are being found, the updates have been suspended (not available) so nothing TA-1055 Czech Republic.
  • finland finland
    ✭✭  / 
    Your own phone operator decides because to share the update.
  • I tried different operators or a phone without a SIM and still the same, I always used the Nokia phone from 5110 to nokia n8 then the Sony xperia phone and Nokia 7 plus bought with joy after Nokia's return, but I slowly regret the changes
  • 8.1 and Oct update on bt. Purchased SIM free so not sure what influence carrier has over an update as surely I can just have no SIM card and use wi-fi
  • Red5 Red5
    That's my thoughts also I may just use my sim free Nokia on WiFi, would I never get an update if I did? 

    Something is not right here and it's about time Nokia came clean on why UK users have had no security patches for 5 months. 

  • porkiemix porkiemix
    Same here. 8.1 August Security. SIM Free model. I check daily!
  • Noticed Nokia are confirming the updates are now being rolled out with the normal might take few days.  This only relates to Nov patch though and not pie. Still agree there seems to be some further underlying issue with TA-1055 or UK updates.

    Just any update or clarification from HMD/Nokia would be nice as their customer service chat doesn't have any answers!
  • I am tired of all this situation. Nokia doesn't even bother to give any feedback for all this mess. Time to sell this terminal.
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