The Camera app that hmd global provided is good in terms of UI but not on function..,but I think the camera is capable of doing more things ..


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The Camera app that hmd global provided is good in terms of UI but not on function..,but I think the camera is capable of doing more things .. I used the Google camera (pixel camera),there portrait mode for the primary camera works well(creates a great depth effect).. the focusing on nearer objects is really good and fast (on Google camera).. please hmd work on the camera app..make some good algorithms to push the camera beyond its limits..


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    Can you please give me the link of google camera (pixel version)?? I am also facing similar issues with preinstalled Camera app
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    Does anyone reads this. The google camera mod has proven that nokia 5 is capable of aking picture in potrait mode even with single camera. Also google camera uses 8.3 MP resolution with nokia 5 and still somehow manages to capture far better images than that useless piece of built in camera app. I dnt know much about app development and all but if another app is working so well ,why can't HMD develop a decent camera app in which shutter doesn't lag ,and pictures are not dark as ****. But i know no one in HMD cares and this is frustration talking.
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    Camera is very very BAD!

    Slow to load... Slow to do anything... Slow to access pictures...

    Where can i get the best alternative for the "stock" camera app?

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    Google camera may be a good option for you but it works fine on android 8.0.0.. (like video ,portrait,etc) after 8.1.0 the video mode of this camera doesnt work .. portrait mode works but the camera becomes too laggy..
  • Guys to download google camera with portrait mode just go with this link -.
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    Yes, unfortunately the stock camera is not too good (Slow to capture, blurry pictures and at night.. nevermind...) :(. Maybe we get a better camera software in the future.. 
    But, I find this I think is way better than stock and any other. I try soo many camera app and I think this is the best. True, at night it's little bit noisy, but how fast is it :) No blurry pictures anymore! Only if you switch on the anti-shake option!

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    Video recording is not working...while moving phone.. camera is zooming in & out while recording...but no issues while taking photo it is working fine..

    Any fix for this?
  • Would love to see HMD collaborate with Google to fix the camera UI and software issues. Really, it is a letdown to not being able to utilize a good camera due to poor software

  • This camera is very bad slow motion is not working camera app is unfortunately stopped 
  • Mirror camera mode is not available here
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    well, it's really annoying... video mode is always trying to get in focus... videos are UNUSABLE! OMG...

    My new Nokia 5 has a NEW FIRMWARE. Can you point out what the firmware of your camera is?

    Mine is:



    I made a video of the problem:

    Here is another one with my previous Nokia 5 showing SYSTEM failure:

    This is a SOFTWARE issue. I tried many other apps (all with focus problems) and i got PERFECT SMOOTH PROGRESSIVE FOCUS with this app:

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